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What Is The Crochet & Knit Essential Skills Summit?
Have you ever been working on a crochet or knit project thinking it was going well, only to realize something terrible has gone wrong?

Maybe your edges aren't straight, or perhaps you missed a stitchbad tension ,made a mistake or worse you're  unsure if you're reading the pattern correctly in the first place?

You look down at your piece and it's just NOT looking like the beautiful pictures in the pattern. It's lacking the polish and finish that you want in your project. 

If so, don't worry. 

The crochet and knit essential skills summit is here to help you develop the finishing skills you need.

Our goal with this summit  is to give you the CONFIDENCE in your crochet and knit skills so that you can tackle ANY project, no matter the skill level and do so with MORE ease and  LESS mistakes and stress. 

This Crochet and Knit Essential Skills Summit Is a FREE 2-day online and virtual event with over 40 video classes designed to give you all the essential skills you need  to ensure that your projects turn out looking hand crafted and not homemade.

Every single class is taught by a professional crochet and knit designer and teacher to ensure that you truly understand and gain these new skills. 

There are classes for beginners and experts alike.
Take A Look At All The Classes Included In Crochet & Knit Essential Skills Summit
Crochet Classes
Crochet Back to the Basics
  • Tension - Why does your tension get too tight or too loose and how to fix it. 
  • Hooks - How to know when you need to switch your hook to create the perfect project
  • Holding Yarn - ​The right way to hold your yarn and hook in order to ensure even tension and increase project speed
  • Gauge - ​How to understand gauge when listed on labels
  • ​Swatches - What's a swatch, how to create one and why it's so important to create a polished project. 
Finishing Techniques
  • Weave In Ends - Struggling to figure out how to weave in those ends so they don't fall out again? This class will help solve that! 
  • ​Blocking - Finish a project and your edges aren't perfect? No problem, blocking will help even that out and give your work a polished finish. 
  • Edges & Borders - Nothing takes a project from good to great like a nice edge or border. This class will show you how. 
  • ​Simply Joins - Need to join two pieces in your project? We'll show you how to use the slip stitch and whip stitch effectively. 
How to Read a Crochet Pattern
  • Pattern Basics - How to understand basic pattern reading, abbreviations & symbols
  • Symbols - What it REALLY means when you see a * and () in a pattern
  • UK/US Terms - How to translate between UK/US terminology
  • Charts - Why crochet charts are the PERFECT tool for you if you’re a visual learner. They will make your life easier. Once you know how to read a crochet chart, you’ll be able to pick up crochet books in other languages because charts are the common language of crochet.
Left Handed Crochet
  • Left Handed - In this class we'll share the basics to left handed crochet
  • Understand Patterns - Are you a left handed crocheter and struggle with patterns? This class will help.
Demystifying the Straight Edge
  • Common Mistakes - We all make them. This class will break down common mistakes and how to fix them.
  • Stitch Count - Ever get confused counting stitches? We'll show you how to do it the right way. 
  • ​Turning Chains - These can cause confusion. Do they count as a stitch? When to insert the hook? We'll break it down. 
  • Rows - How to start a new row the right way to avoid miscounting.
  • Inserting Your Hook - The gap, and where to insert your hook. This can confuse the best of us and we'll fix this.
  • Changing Color - What happens if you need to change color on the edge? It's not as hard as you think.
Knitting Classes
Joining and Seaming
  • Mattress Stitch Seaming - Also known as the invisible stitch. This flexible seaming technique is a must!
  •  Whip Stitch Seaming - While this method isn't invisible it's fast and great for joining rows made from shorter stitches.
  • ​Join As You Go - One of my favorite ways to join by saving time and effort.
New Stitches and Advanced Technique
  • Cables - They look beautiful and they are really easy once you get the hang of them. This class will show you how.
  • ​Front Post & Back Posts - These stitches can be used to create fantastic texture in your work.
  • Beadwork - Ever wanted to incorporate beads in your work? This class shows you how.
  • ​Motifs - Motifs are repeatable patterns that you can use in your work. This class breaks down the details on how to use them :) 
In Depth - Borders and Edging 
  • Best Borders - In this class we'll go into detail on the best borders to use for your crochet projects. 
  • Edging Deep Dive - This class will share the best stitches to use for a nice polished edging for example: ​scallops, lace, picots, crab, puff,
  • ​Color - Selecting color for borders can be tricky, here we'll show you how.
Working in the Round
  • Math - Working in the round can make you want to pull your hair out, we'll break down the math behind working in the round.
  • ​Increasing - Wondering how you increase in the round? Don't worry we've got you covered.
  • ​Magic Circle - This little technique is the best way to start working in the round. It can be tricky but we'll help you master it!
  • ​Joining - How do you join in the round? Don't worry we'll show you how. 
Knitting Classes
Tension & Gague
  • Holding Yarn - Different ways to hold the yarn - what makes some looser and others tighter?
  • ​Keep Tension Even - How to keep tension even between knitting & purling
  • ​Ribbing - Tension while working ribbing and why we work rib on a smaller needle
  • ​Gauge - Why gauge is so important and how being just one stitch off can ruin your project
  • ​Swatch - How to make a swatch in stockinette, in pattern and how to block the swatch to ensure a perfect finished project 
Finishing Techniques
  • Casting Off -  The four kinds of bind off and when to use each one (pass over bind off, sewn bind off in round & flat, three needle bind off)
  • Weaving In Ends - Weave ends in the middle & end of a row. Plus how to weave up and down knit columns.
  • ​Hat Finishing - How to close the top of a hat and weave in your end with it
  • Cast off Tails - How To Close The Gab
  • Seaming - In this section we'll share how to seam your piece together the right way.
  • Blocking - Blocking is an essential skill for creating a polished finish piece
Intro to Knitting
  • Selecting Your Needles - Which ones to have in your tool kit to complete all the projects you want.
  • ​Notions - Which notions to have in your took kit. We'll cover the best tapestry needles, stitch markers, scissors and more
  • ​How To Cast On - Long tail, backwards loop, knitted cast on and when to use which method
  • Casting On In The Round - How to avoid twisting and provisional cast ons
  • ​Increasing In Knit - Knit front and back, make one right and make one left. We discuss all you need to increase as easily as possible.
  • Decreasing - How to use the four kinds of decreases and ensure you have clean borders in the process. 
How to Read Patterns & Charts
  • Abbreviations - They can be confusing. We'll show you how to decode knit abbreviations. 
  • Pattern Overview - Here we'll share the general format for a written pattern and give you our best tips for translating patterns into terms you understand. 
  • ​Sizing - Looking at schematics can seem like german at times. We'll share exactly how to translate this!
  • Diagrams & Charts - Want to understand diagrams and charts? We'll show you how to read flat and round charts.
How to Fix Mistakes
  • Dropped Stitches - dropped stitches can be a major problem with knitting. Learn how to fix these.
  • Holes - Unless you're creating lace, you don't want holes. We'll address this common mistake. 
  • ​The Wrong Way - Ever had stitches put on the needle the wrong way? That can be a big problem. We'll help. 
  • Messy Fabric - Uneven and messy fabric can take a beautiful project and ruin all the effort you put into it. Let's make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Tinking - How to unknit your work when a mistake is made
  • ​Twisted Stitches - Twisted stitches are never fun.  Here we will ensure that doesn't happen.
  • The Top 3 - Fixing Sewn Bind Off, Twisted Cast On &  Split Stitches
Intro To Garment Construction
Intro to garment construction
  • Intro - In this class you'll learn the basics of creating your first garment
  • ​Construction - In this video you'll learn about top down garment construction.
  • ​Sleeves - Here we'll cover the basics of creating and separating for your sleeves
  • Beginner - This class is the perfect class for someone who has never created a garment before and is looking to better understand the process 
  • Intro - Cables are one of those stitches that look challenging but are actually really easy when you get the hand of it.
  • ​Basic Cables - In this class you'll learn the basic C2L/C2R Cable
  • ​Common Mistakes - We'll share the common mistakes knitters make when creating cables and how to avoid them.
Color Work
  • Color Work - What is color work and knit and an introduction to it
  • ​Fair Isle - A specific kind of stranded knitting that creates a beautiful color pattern.
  • Carrying Your Yarn - We'll share how to carry your yarn while using your fair isle stitches. ​
  • ​Common Mistakes - This video will help you avoid the big mistakes and frustrations knitters experience with fair isle color work. 
Frequently Asked Questions
 Where does this summit take place?
The crochet and knit essential skills summit takes place online and you can watch it 100% from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get to watch all the videos online. 
 How many topics will there be? 
We have over 40 detailed step by step crochet and knit classes that go over the essential skills you need to create beautiful finished projects. There's something for every skill level no matter if you're a beginner or an old pro. 
 How long will the videos be available? 
You have two full days to watch the videos for free! If you want access to the videos for longer, you'll have to upgrade your free pass. You’ll have the option to do that on the next page, after you claim you’re free ticket. 
 How is this summit different?  
The topics we cover here are based on your survey results. We asked what you wanted and we read through every answer to ensure we are giving you as much as we can! 
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