Crafts On Air Brings You: "Learn How To Knit Summit"
You Will Be Able To Knit By The End Of This Free Online  Summit...Easy-to-Follow Video Classes & Step-By-Step Instruction, Right From The Comfort Of Your Home
Join us for this FREE Online 2-Day Event Starting Today - FREE 48 Hour Access
You Will Be Able To Knit By The End Of This Free Online  Summit...Easy-to-Follow video classes
 Right From The Comfort Of Your Home
Join us for this FREE Online 2-Day Event October 2nd & 3rd
Here's What You'll Learn During This Free Online Summit:
Have you been dreaming of learning how to knit?

Seeing all of the gorgeous projects you could be making...

The beautiful handmade knit sweaters...

The heirloom gift items you could be giving to your loved ones to cherish.

But it can feel overwhelming to learn something new...

Imagine having access to your very own professional knitting instructor, and learning directly from them!

That is what you can expect from our 2-Day Learn to Knit Summit starting Today.

To ensure that you learn everything you need to become a passionate knitter, we have created a 3-part course.

Within each class you will learn knitting fundamentals including:

  • Knitting Styles
  • ​Casting On & the Anatomy of the Stitch
  • ​How to Read a Pattern
  • ​Casting Off & Finishing Touches
  • ​How to Fix Common Mistakes
  • ​and MORE!
And once your needles are ready to get to work...

We will provide step-by-step tutorials for your very first knit projects!

Before you know it you will have created not one, but three gorgeous knit projects..

A Sampler Scarf, a Multi-Stitch Hat, and a Cozy Shawl.

When those cool winter months roll in, you will have your very own, handmade accessories to show off!

Your family and friends will be begging you to create a set for them.

The best part about our Learn to Knit Summit is you will walk away with everything you need to know to learn to knit!

No more sifting through "How To Knit" books...

Or wasting hours online searching websites...

Everything you need will be presented in 2 days in an easy-to-access event.

PLUS, you can tune-in from anywhere!

Planning to visit your family for the weekend? No problem!

Hitting the road for a vacation? Take us along with you!

You will feel like you are in your own classroom with your own personal knitting instructor.

With our professionally filmed videos, you won't miss a single detail.

We promise you won't find an experience like this anywhere else.

That's why we are so excited to invite you to our 2-day event starting Today.

We can't wait to see you there.

Ready to Learn to Knit 
 From the Comfort of Your Home? 
Knitting: The Basics
What You'll Need to Start
Learn about the differences between the various yarn and needles that you'll need for different projects and how to choose the right one! 
Knitting Styles & How to Hold Your Yarn and Needles
We'll review the various knitting types and which one is right for you. We will talk about English(Throwing) and Continental (Picking) to help you get comfortable with the new skills you will learn.
Casting On, Knit & Purl Stitches
We will do a review of a simple single cast on to get your projects started.  Learn both the knit and purl foundational stitches that are used in most knitting patterns.
Knitting Notions
Learn about the knitting notions you'll need for different patterns and other items you might need to get you started.
Cast Off
Learn how to cast off (also known as bind off) to end your knitting projects! Binding off is simply the method of finishing a knitting project so that the stitches don’t unravel. 

Swatching, Blocking & Fixing Common Mistakes
Learn about the importance of swatching and how to block your finished projects. We'll also explain how to fix some of the common knitting mistakes.
Part 1: Simple Sampler Knit Scarf
How to Read a Pattern

Learn how to read a knitting pattern as we start with this simple scarf pattern. Learn the abbreviations and various other tips and tricks to properly read and understanding knitting patterns.

Creating Sampler Scarf 
(Part 1)
Start creating your scarf! We will start the project together reviewing casting on, reading the pattern, and review the importance of tension between stitches. We will also go over how to tink for both knit and purl stitches.

Creating Sampler Scarf
(Part 2)
As we continue to work up this scarf we will review other stitches that are used in this project. We will also learn how to count stitches and rows in order to follow the pattern correctly. Finally we will review how to join new yarn.
Part 2: Simple Multi-Stitch Hat
What You Will Need to Start Knitting
Learn about circular knitting needles and the different ones that you will need for various projects. We will explain the various cable lengths and general lengths needed for different projects.

Casting On With Circular Knitting Needles
You will learn the long tail cast on method and how to keep your stitches straight when connecting to the cast on. We will also review how to keep your stitches nice and tight and avoid bumps and lumps in your projects. 

Rib Stitch & Brim of Hat

Learn about the use of smaller needles needed for certain parts of projects like the ribbing on this hat. We will review the rib stitch used for this hat as well as other common rib stitches used in knitting projects.
Fixing Common Mistakes

Learn all about how to fix mistakes that you may make along the way. We will review how to correct a dropped stitch, why holes develop and how to fix them, how to fix a twisted stitch and learn about lifelines.
Top of Hat- Shaping & Decreasing
Learn the concept of decreasing stitches as you create the shape of the top of the hat. This concept of decreasing is used in many other knitting projects like garments and accessories.
Finishing Off & Adding PomPom
Learn how to finish off the top of the hat and weave in the ends. We will also review how to block 3 dimensional projects. Finally finish off our project with creating the pompom and attaching it to your hat.
Part 3: Shawl
Working with Lighter Yarn Weight/Fibers
Learn how to knit with lighter weight yarn. We will talk about substituting and playing with various yarn weights, fibers and colors for your projects.


Learn how to modify and customize your patterns. We will explain what sort of experimentation is easy to implement. 

Cast On & Increasing

Learn how to do a garter tab cast on for this project and similar ones. We will review how to increase stitches as well for projects like garments, accessories, etc.
How to Change Yarn Color
Learn how to change yarn color in the middle of a pattern. We will also review tips and tricks to make this process easier.

Edging and Bind Off
Learn the skills your need to make pretty edging for your projects and finally how to finish your shawl and weave in the ends with lighter weight yarn.
Blocking is so important so we will review tips and tricks for blocking your projects and why blocking makes such a difference in your finished projects.
Treble Stitches
Frequently Asked Questions
 Where does this summit take place?
The Learn to Knit Summit happens ONLINE,  so you can watch it all from the comfort of your home. 
Will I learn how to knit an actual product?
Yes! We will show you how to knit a scarf, a hat and a shawl as well as the foundation of knitting and techinques that you can use on all your other future knit projects! 
 How long will the videos be available? 
You have 2 full days to watch the videos during the summer for free! If you want to keep them, you can upgrade to "All Access" and enjoy them for a lifetime.
 How is this summit different?  
Our team is made up of passionate & professional knitter, crocheters and crafters  with a variety of different backgrounds & styles. We put our heads together to deliver the most beautiful & diverse arrangement of summits. Stay tuned for future summits!
Join us for this FREE Online 2-Day Event July 17th & 18th
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