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Brittany Lynch

Founder Ideal Me & Crafts On Air
Have you been dreaming of learning how to crochet?
Crocheting is an incredible skill and a truly rewarding hobby!

Not only is it super relaxing and stress-relieving to do, 
but you'll also end up with useful items you can wear, gift or donate… 
and be genuinely proud of your accomplishments.

Plus, it doesn't break the bank like other hobbies. Yarn is pretty cheap ;)

So if you've ever gazed longingly at a crocheted garment or always wanted to give it a go… this is your time.

ANYONE can learn to crochet.
It's never too early or late to learn how to crochet.
And it's not that difficult to pick up either!

Instead of wading through the never ending sea of YouTube videos and crafting blogs…
take the streamlined approach and learn the fundamentals of crochet from A to Z.

You don't need to worry about piecing together advice from different places
or whether it'll actually make sense…

Learn to crochet in an easy, straightforward, no-nonsense way with this step by step system to help you learn the skills and apply them so you have finished projects in your hands as soon as possible!

In This Workshop We'll Help You Learn To Crochet From Scratch

We'll walk you through the fundamentals of crochet and practice your skills with a simple crochet sampler scarf, multi-stitch hat and shawl to help you nail all your techniques with confidence.
  • Hook, Line & Sinker: Unsure which hook is the best fit for you and your work? Overwhelmed by the choice? Don't know how to hold it the 'right' way? In this class you'll discover the different styles of hooks so you can pick the best one for pain free, comfortable crocheting
  • Learn Your Yarn-ology: Discover the three main categories of yarn (also known as fiber), their characteristics, how to determine which yarn is best for which project, stranding yarns of different weights together and more to see your yarn stash in a whole new world of fun, squishy possibilities
  • ​​The Essential Trio: The slipknot, chain stitches and single crochet make the foundation of ALL crochet projects...watch this video for an easy opportunity to quickly create a more polished project and every other stitch will become easier!
  • Notions Explained: Get a checklist of the essential notions you need in your stash in order to ensure you have everything you need to crochet up any project you imagine
Then, you'll use these skills to make these three amazing projects!
  • Multi-Stitch Hat
  • Cozy Shawl
  • Sampler Scarf

Don't Take Our Word for it. Hear it from our past students:

Don't Take Our Word for it. Hear it from our past students:

This Is Perfect For You If:

  • You've never crocheted before and love the look of yarn wear
  • You want to get creative and hand make things you can be proud to wear, gift or donate
  • You're looking for a stress-relieving hobby that doesn't break the bank

We're hosting a FREE 'knit-alongside-us' workshop so you can
have your very own Knit Sampler Blanket!

An expert instructor will take you step by step through each part of the pattern to make sure you're confident in every stitch. You'll also be able to take away all these new skills and apply them to your future projects as well!

Simply select a time that works for you and you'll have 24hrs free access to the online workshop,
gather your supplies and get ready to snuggle in your new blanket :)

It's time for those beautiful crochet projects to finally
be made by you.

You'll get access to this workshop FREE for 48hrs and learn along with our expert instructors and make these awesome patterns along with them.

This experience is on demand, so you can wait until you have a free weekend that suits you.

Sign up for instant access to the workshop, learn your crochet fundamentals
and create amazing projects you'll be proud of!
Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get this pattern and video tutorial? 

Just enter your email above. This pattern and video tutorial will be hosted virtually. **Details will be emailed as soon as you reserve your ticket. 

   What do I need to get started? 

We will immediately email you the supplies that you will need right after you register on this FREE workshop so you can prepare beforehand.

   When is this pattern & video tutorial available?

Right now :) Just enter your email above and you'll get instant access for a full 48 hours. 

   Will I learn how to crochet an actual product?

Yes! We will show you how to crochet a simple sampler scarf, multi-stitch hat and shawl as well as the foundation of crocheting and techniques that you can use on all your other future crochet projects! 

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