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FREE Online Summit: African Flower Crochet Animals
 African Flower Crochet Animals:
Use Alone As A Blanket Or Follow Along To Make These 3 Gorgeous Hexagon Animals With Easy-To Follow- Video Classes
Here's Why We're Sharing 
Our African Flower Animal Summit for FREE
We know you've seen these African Flower Animals on Pinterest, Etsy and Ravelry. You've been eyeing them up for a long time but they seem too challenging to even attempt a start. 

I mean the construction alone looks overwhelming.

Not to worry, we've got you covered!

Not only will we show you step-by-step how to make these individual hexagons and pentagons, we show you how to make a blanket, an owl, a chicken, a cat and show you examples of a variety of other amazing projects that are all made using the simple African Flower.

This one motif is the foundation used to form practically any shape, toy or accessory you can imagine. 

You can learn how to create pieces, just like these at our 2-day African Flower Animal Summit on October 16 & 17!

Did we mention it's completely FREE?!

As you may know, we love everything crochet...

Which is why we want to share it with you!

Worried it may be a bit complicated compared to your usual projects?

We are here to tell you that is absolutely not true!

To make sure you walk away from this event with a collection of beautiful, complete animals we have put together a group of foul-proof classes!

They include...

A group of how-to classes for creating African Flowers and...

Step-by-step classes for African Flower animals, including...

The Owl, The Chicken, The Cat, and Others!

Each multi-step class provides:
  • Tools and Supply List
  • ​Yarn Recommendations
  • ​Reading the Pattern
  • ​What Shapes are Needed for the Pattern (hexagons, pentagons, squares)
  • Crocheting Additional Animal Parts beyond African Flowers
  • ​Joining Your Flowers
  • Shaping and ​Forming Your Animal
  • ​Finishing Tips and Tricks
  • ​and More!
See? How can you go wrong with these guided classes?

You can't! That's the idea!

How great would it be to give your loved ones personalized, handmade African Flower Animals for your next special occasion?

It will be a gift they will cherish for years to come!

And you can create them to be uniquely perfect for each and every person with your new skills!

And you get to learn such a fun new skill...

We have made this event 100% virtual!

You can join in from where ever you are and learn just like you're in a live classroom!
Ready to Learn to Crochet African Flower Animals 
 From the Comfort of Your Home? 
Part 1: Creating Your African Flowers
Supply List for Getting Started

Review what yarn and supplies are needed to teach you the foundation of the African Flower design that we will use in a simple blanket project. This will help prepare you for making the Animals in the next sections of the class.

Color Combinations

 Let's have some fun with color! Projects using the African Flower are meant to have beautiful color combinations. We will show you different completed color combinations in the African flower square to help inspire you with your own designs.

How to Read the Patterns 
In this video you will learn how to read an African Flower pattern in detail to help you fully understand the process of making the  blanket and African Flower Animals you will create.
Getting Started- Hexagon
Learn how to create a professional and polished hexagon African Flower motif. We will also review the importance of choosing hook size when making these.

Getting Started- Pentagon
Learn how to create a professional and polished pentagon African Flower motif. We will also review the importance of choosing hook size when making these.

Creating Straight Edges
Review how to ensure you have a straight edge on your African Flower. We will address tension issues and what to do to ensure a clean, polished square. You will learn about gauge and going up/down a hook size.
Join As You Go
What is join as you go, and why use it? We will demonstrate join as you go in the assembly of the blanket. 

Part 2: Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Owl

Supply List for the Owl
We will review everything you will need to start making the African Flower Owl. 

Let's Talk Yarn
What is the best yarn to make an African Flower animal? Which yarn has the best structure for a stuffed animal? We will discuss pros and cons of different types of yarn. 

Creating the Owl
We begin by reviewing the pattern to start creating the owl as well as talking about additional owl/animal parts needed in this pattern. We will demonstrate how to make the beak and show how to add the eyelashes.
Shaping and Forming
We will start seaming the owl together and will demonstrate how to lay out the pentagons/hexagons to understand the overall construction. Finally we will demonstrate assembly.

Finishing Tips
We'll review some tips for creating a polished finish to the owl. Stuffing tips for a smooth yet firm result so that the stuffing doesn't show through eyelets. Finally finishing off your owl by adding the beak.

Part 3: Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Chicken
Supply List for the Chicken

We will review everything you will need for the African Flower Chicken Pattern.


Creating the Chicken

We'll start creating the polygons needed to make the chicken. We'll also explain step-by-step how to make the chicken wings, comb, beak, etc.

Shaping and Forming the Chicken
We will start seaming the chicken together and will demonstrate how to lay out the pentagons/hexagons to understand the overall construction. Finally we will demonstrate assembly.
Adding & Attaching

You'll learn how to add and attach the various additional pieces that make up the chicken (wings, comb, beak, etc.)

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid/Fix Them
Common construction and stuffing mistakes and how to avoid or fix them. 

Part 4: Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Cat & Other Options

Supply List for the Cat

We will review everything you will need for the African Flower Cat Pattern.

Assembling the Cat

We will demonstrate how to make and assemble the cat. We will review how to make the nose which is a square in this pattern.

Finishing and Embellishing the Cat
We will talk about everything required to finish the pattern as well as the embellishments for the African Flower Cat.

Creating Other Animals
Learn about some of the other amazing possibilities for other projects you can make using the African Flower Motif. We will talk through the general idea of taking the simple African Flower motif to make anything you can imagine and show you some amazing examples from other designers. 

Treble Stitches
Frequently Asked Questions
 Where does this summit take place?
The African Flower Animal Summit happens ONLINE,  so you can watch it all from the comfort of your home. 
Will I learn how to crochet other projects using African Flowers?
Yes! We will show you the foundation of the African Flower and how to use the hexagons and pentagons in other projects to complete your African Flower Animals and more!
 How long will the videos be available? 
You have 2 full days to watch the videos during the summit for free! If you want to keep them, you can upgrade to "All Access" and enjoy them for a lifetime.
 How is this summit different?  
Our team is made up of passionate & professional crocheters, knitters and crafters  with a variety of different backgrounds & styles. We put our heads together to deliver the most beautiful & diverse arrangement of summits. Stay tuned for future summits!
Join us for this FREE Online 2-Day Event July 17th & 18th
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