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Crocheters: Looking For Your Next Portable Project?

Can You Crochet ANYTHING Using Only Simple Rectangles
Yes, You Can!
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Brittany Lynch

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Why Do You NEED This Summit?
Crocheting just got a whole lot more fun.
It's time to move past rectangles, squares, and your basic stitches, 
beyond your blankets, scarves, and tea towels… 

...and into a whole new world of crochet possibilities.

Imagine if you could crochet anything like...
  • Stuffed Elephants
  • Cuddly Hoodies
  • Cute Seat Covers
Because you absolutely can!
Using one simple repeating shape,
you'll be able to create just about anything you can imagine.

This is the next step in your crochet journey.

This incredible training will show you how to turn simple hexagons and pentagons into literally any pattern! We'll focus on three cute animal types to show you that you can do incredible things but still keep it simple. You'll learn:
  • Patterns Made Simple: Confused about how to read patterns? We'll show you what every abbreviation means so you'll never get lost😀
  • Hoot Hoot With Hexagons: This gorgeous owl is a very simple, yet recognizable shape that's great to start with and build off of!
  • When The Rooster Crows: Who doesn't love chickens? With a few extra embellishments, you can change a blob into an adorable barnyard animal.
  • A Foray Into The Four-Legged: Time to get more complicated with the cat pattern… it's one thing to make a solid shape and another to crochet arms, legs, tails, you name it!
  • How To Expand Into Anything: The basis of this training is to get you confident with hexagons, but we're not going to leave it there! You'll learn how to take what you've learned and expand it into any pattern you can think of :)

We're hosting a FREE 'knit-alongside-us' workshop so you can
have your very own Knit Sampler Blanket!

An expert instructor will take you step by step through each part of the pattern to make sure you're confident in every stitch. You'll also be able to take away all these new skills and apply them to your future projects as well!

Simply select a time that works for you and you'll have 24hrs free access to the online workshop,
gather your supplies and get ready to snuggle in your new blanket :)

Open Your Doors To A World Of Possibilities And Crochet Anything With Hexagons

You'll get access to this workshop FREE for 48hrs and learn along with our expert instructors and make these awesome patterns along with them. This experience is on demand, so you can wait until you have a free weekend that suits you.

Sign up for instant access to the workshop, learn your crocheting with hexagons fundamentals and create amazing projects you'll be proud of!

This Is Perfect For You If:

  • You're struggling to find crochet projects that are useful but aren't too complicated
  • You're on the go all the time and want portable projects to work on
  • You're a beginner crocheter who wants to go beyond blankets
Part 1: Creating Your African Flowers
Part 2: Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Owl

Part 3: Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Chicken
Part 4: Creating Your African Flower Animal - The Cat & Other Options


Thank you so much, that was many hints and tips. always something to learn..
- Gail


Thanks! Enjoyed learning some new techniques.
- Susan R. Malcolm


Thank you for the tutorial, it is much appreciated. I hope you will do more of these with other projects!
- Lexi
Frequently Asked Questions

   Where does this summit take place?

The Crochet Anything With Hexagons Summit happens ONLINE, so you can watch it all from the comfort of your home. 

   How is this summit different?

Our team is made up of passionate & professional crocheters with a variety of different backgrounds & styles. We put our heads together to deliver the most beautiful & diverse arrangement of stitches available. Not only that, but the video classes for each stitch allow you to transform your crochet dreams into reality.  

   How long will the videos be available?

You have 2 full days to watch the videos for free! **If you want access to the videos for longer, you'll have to upgrade your free pass. You’ll have the option to do that on the next page, after you claim your free ticket. 

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