Crocheters: Looking For Your Next Portable Project?

Can You Crochet ANYTHING Using Only Simple Rectangles ? Yes, You Can!

Learn How To Turn Rectangles Into Everything From Bags To Garments + Get $1,576 In Bonus Training, 25+ Ad Free Downloadable Patterns To Keep Forever & More!

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Master the Art of Crocheting ANYTHING with Rectangles. We GUARANTEE It. 

Rectangles are pretty much the first shape everyone learns. 

They're basic, straightforward lines that help you practice just getting
the hang of your crochet hook.

So what happens when you want to move beyond that?
Well, it's not as easy
But of course, you want to be able to create a variety of other cool projects 
that aren't blankets or scarves…

That's why we're going to show you how to crochet
anything with rectangles.

We're going to take the simple shape you already have down pat 
and turn it into useful, practical, and beautifully professional items 
that will make you confident to call yourself a crocheter.
  • Want a beanie or a cardigan for your kids or grandkids?
  • A pair of slippers to keep your toes warm?
  • Maybe you need a crocheted tote bag to keep your equipment in!

You can do all this and more with rectangles.

And the best part? Rectangles are super portable so you can crochet on the go!
Forget lugging all your equipment with you
(or not even bothering in the first place because it's too much of a hassle) 
and simply take your crochet hook and a ball of yarn.

You can crochet as many rectangles as you can carry and assemble at home!

This is the perfect technique for fun, portable projects that look way more complex than
they actually are.

The Definitive Guide To Crochet Anything
With Rectangles

Lifetime Access to the Crochet Anything With Rectangles Classes

This incredible training will show you how to turn simple rectangles and squares into anything! By the end of this online course that you get instant access to you'll learn how to customize any pattern with rectangles and make it your own.
  • Master The Basics: How to make stitch-perfect, consistent, proportional rectangles with polished rows, no matter the stretchiness of the yarn
  • ​Perfect The Pom Pom: Create a warm, pom pom finished cable hat (with an alternative version to go with messy buns), even if you've never properly seamed before
  • ​Two Of A Kind: Ever tried to tackle making two of the same thing without it coming out weird looking? With these slippers, we'll show you how to construct both with ease to complete a polished set!
  • ​You Can Handle This: You can get any old tote bag cheap at the supermarket… but what about a lovingly crocheted, unique handcrafted one? From the seaming to the handles, you'll have this project finished in a flash
  • ​Shrug On Your Cardigan: You'll be proud when you master this rectangle-only over-the-shoulder cardigan, complete with color changing and cuff techniques (plus, you'll be extra stylish)
Plus all the pattern downloads to refer back to at any time!

Part 1: Creating A Rectangle Hat

In this part of the Crochet Anything With Rectangles Course, we'll show you how to create a warm, pom pom finished cable hat (with an alternative version to go with messy buns), even if you've never properly seamed before. Yup this hat is made totally out of rectangles.
  • Video 1: Pattern Overview & Materials For The Hat
  • ​Video 2: Foundation Chain: How to create secure foundation chain that looks great, is secure & has even tension 
  • ​Video 3: How To Create Ribbing:  Ribbing is a fantastic skill to learn for crochet. You can use it to create a beautiful knit like effect perfect for all sorts of patterns.
  • Video 4: Cabled Body: In this video we'll show you how to work the rest of your rectangle in a wonderful cable stitch. But don't worry, we'll also cover in this course how you can use ANY stitch you like for any of these projects. 
  • ​​Video 5: Seaming: You'll learn the best way to seam your rectangle together to form it into a beautiful hat. 
  • Video 6: Adding Pom Poms & Finishing: Adding an optional pom pom is a nice touch that pulls it all together. We'll show you how. 
  • ​Video 7: Optional Messy Bun Version: Prefer a messy bun version of the hat? This course shows you so many ways to customize rectangles. You're going to love to learn these new skills.

Part 2: Sweet Sherbert Slippers

Ever tried to tackle making two of the same thing without it coming out weird looking? With these slippers, we'll show you how to construct both with ease to complete a polished set!
  • Video 1: Size Measurement:  In this video we'll go over how to measure your feet or someone else's feet and what size rectangle you'll need to create
  • ​Video 2: Creating Your Rectangle With The Crunch Stitch: You'll learn a beautiful new stitch and exactly how to size your rectangle for your slipper. 
  • ​Video 3: Seaming: You'll learn how to seam together your rectangle and convert it from a rectangle into a slipper. 
  • ​Video 4: Heal & Toe: We'll focus in on showing you how to ensure your heal and toe are comfortable and fitted correctly 
  • Video 5: The Opposite Slipper: Want to make sure your slippers match? So do we. In this video we'll show you how you can ensure they come out the exact same

Part 3: Tutti Frutti Tote

Ever tried to tackle making two of the same thing without it coming out weird looking? With these slippers, we'll show you how to construct both with ease to complete a polished set!
  • Video 1: Measurement Planning: How big would you like your tote to be? We'll walk through how to make measurements to determine the rectangle sizes you need 
  • ​Video 2: Herringbone Stitch: This tote is taught using the Herringbone Stitch but you can easily swap that stitch out to create a tote with your favorite stitch 
  • Video 3: Making The Handles: Creating handles are easy and this is a great skill to have in your tool box 
  • Video 4: Folding & Seaming: We'll show you how to fold your rectangle to make it look like a gorgeous tote and then seam it all together neatly 
  • Video 5: Attaching Handles & Finishing: Finishing your project is an important step that pulls it all together and we'll make sure your tote looks polished and just like the pictures

Part 4: Shrug & Cardigan

You'll be proud when you master this rectangle-only over-the-shoulder cardigan, complete with color changing and cuff techniques (plus, you'll be extra stylish)
  • Video 1: DC Foundation & Main Stitch Pattern: You'll learn how to construct a double crochet foundation which is great for garments & learn a brand new stitch in this video 
  • ​Video 2: Changing Color: Changing yarn colors neatly is an important skill for all crocheters to master and we'll show you how to do so in this shrug and cardigan 
  • Video 3: Measuring & Seaming: We make creating a garment easy for you. Both the shrug and cardigan are made entirely out of rectangles and we'll show you how to measure and create rectangles in the right size 
  • Video 4: Creating Your Cuffs: Cuffs add a really polished finish to any garment and we'll show you how to create them (yup in a rectangle) for this project 
  • Video 5: Finishing: We'll walk through how to ensure your shrug or cardigan looks exactly like the pictures
Bonus: Creating The Cotton Candy Cardigan :) Here's a small preview of what this video course looks like.
Imagine how proud you'll be to have a whole closet full of items YOU crocheted using only rectangles.
When your friends and family ask  you to show them what you've been crocheting lately...
your projects won't disappoint!
Instead of the same common blankets or half-finished 
(maybe frogged) pieces that were too difficult, 

you'll be able to open your closet and 
show-off a wide variety of professional-looking pieces.

And they'll especially love receiving them as gifts!

All this without really increasing the difficulty at all,
yet still building on your skills and experience to help you grow as a crocheter.
We're not stopping there either…

Crochet Even MORE With Rectangles 

While the main training will equip you with everything you need to crochet beautiful pieces using rectangles, these bonuses will help you hone your skills, give you more possibilities to create and ultimately support your crochet journey!

Bonus 1: 12x More Patterns To Create Anything With Rectangles And Squares ($297 value)

Woohoo, who doesn't love more patterns?

Every SINGLE one of these beautiful pieces are also made with only rectangles and squares, your new crochet staple😉

Here's a look at all the additional awesome things you will be able to make:

Striped Neck Scarf

This versatile and effortlessly stylish accessory is so chic and will have you daydreaming of the French countryside.

Heart Graphgan Baby Blanket

A beautifully unique baby blanket that makes for a fun and exciting project and a perfect gift.

Easy Wear Cardigan

If you’ve never made a garment before, this is the perfect project! It is a simple and easy pattern that creates a classic, beautiful silhouette.

The Boyfriend Scarf

This subtly detailed scarf is worked using the detailed ribbed stitch, creating a polished and distinguished look.

Cat Beanie

Whether you want a project for a child you love, or your inner child, it is such a fun and adorable accessory to create.

Granny Square Bag

This stylish bag is made with multiple granny squares, and a minimalist handle has a fun, vintage flair.

Color Block Bag

This cute crochet tote is the perfect size for an everyday bag, small and convenient to carry around, while still being roomy enough to fit all of your essentials.

Aligned Cobble Tea Towel

This tea towel is a classic crochet pattern that is fun and easy to make, and one that will stand the test of time.

Easy Breezy Buttoned Cowl

A great quick and easy pattern that creates a gorgeous accessory you’ll be excited to wear and show off.

Cross-Over Block Stitch Baby Blanket

This blanket is super easy to make once you get started you can practically make it with your eyes closed.

Big Button Puffy Cowl

Keep yourself cozy with this easy to make super warm cowl. Wear it alone or pair it with your favorite winter coat for those extra chilly mornings.

Asymmetrical Poncho

This crochet wrap is lightweight, trendy, and versatile. Plus, it comes together really easily which makes this a great project for all levels.

Bonus 2: 12x Patterns To Make On The Go ($297 value)

Want Even more patterns? 

These patterns are perfect to take with you when you're out and about. They are designed to be small and portable.

If you want a break from rectangles, these are great little projects to try.

Here's the awesome things you can make:

Fringe Clutch

This modern, little crochet purse is made in a rectangle with a half circle flap closing the bag and features a delicate fringe detail and tassel.

Geometric Basket

This stylish chevron basket is perfect for storing lots of stuff and fits into any home’s decor! Plus, it has handles that make it perfect for portable purposes.

Round Crochet Bag with Tassel

A perfect beginner-friendly pattern for learning to work in the round and creating a gorgeous, detailed bag.

Winter Wonderland Scarf

If you’re looking for a fun crochet project with a little bit of variety, make this stunning scarf crochet pattern featuring the unique Elizabeth stitch to create fascinating textures.

Light Crochet Tank Top

This tank top is the perfect addition to your wardrobe with its clean, minimalist design that can be paired with jeans, shorts, or even tucked into a skirt.

Snuggle Bunny

Bunnies aren’t just for Easter. Make this adorable fluffy crochet bunny for any time of the year for maximum levels of cuteness.

Farmer’s Market Bag

This bag has a modern, boho feel and it’s designed to be both sturdy and stretchy to accommodate all of your shopping needs.

Table Placemat Set

This set is perfect for impressing your dinner guests with delicate and lacy design that is so easy to create! The set includes a crocheted placemat and coaster setting.

Summer Shawl

The Summer Shawl is cosy enough to make up for the sun’s absence and this goes with anything in your closet.

Fringe Tank Top

This top is a timeless classic that you can transition from one part of the year to the next. You’ll love it for layering in the winter too.

Children’s Heart Sweater

If you’re looking for a sweet crochet sweater to make for your kids, this children’s sweater is perfect—it has a big crochet heart in the center of it.

Children’s Pastel Stripes Sweater

Children have a wild, creative imagination. Open their closet and it’s full of bright beautiful colors and patterns. This sweater is so colorful and exciting that any child would love it! It’s got a bold striped pattern in three alternating colors.

Bonus 3: How To Master Seaming, Edging & Tension ($297 value)

There's no use in crocheting rectangles if you can't put them together in a clean, professional way. We'll dive deep into techniques to help you piece together your projects seamlessly (pun intended) as well as going beyond some of the patterns we've shown you.
  • Become Seamingly Good: Learn three different techniques to join your crochet pieces together for a beautiful finished project
  • ​Expertly Edge Your Endeavours: Want to avoid the common mistakes most crocheters make with edging and how to make beautiful, smooth edges? Find out in this workshop…
  • ​Triumph Over Tension: If you're sick of staring at your work where pieces are 'too loose' or 'too tight', you'll love this workshop to help you master the art of adjusting your tension
  • Construct & Customise With Ease: Does the cardigan pattern seem intimidating? Or maybe you want to learn how to make it your own? These lessons are for you!
  • ​Experimental Crochet Fusion: Go beyond the patterns we give you and make them truly unique with these fun ideas!

Bonus 4: Masterclasses With Expert Crocheters ($343 value)

Masterclass With Crochet Designer Meghan Ballmer

The designer and blogger behind MeghanMakesDo shares about her love for all-things crafty and her successful business. She inspires with her drive to learn how to knit and recreating all of her crochet patterns for knitters! If you’re interested in starting your own business, or becoming a pattern designer, Meghan gives her best tips for getting organized, reaching your customer base, and how to think like a pattern maker.

Masterclass With Crochet Designer Rachel Alford

Meet the designer behind Cozy Nooks Designs. Rachel shares her story of learning to crochet as an 8 year old, setting it down for years, then beginning her business. She gives insight into getting a business started, the importance of branding, photography tips to highlight your products, and so much more.

Masterclass With Crochet Designer Toni Lipsey

Learn all about Toni Lipsey, the designer, author, and instructor behind TL Yarn Crafts. She tells her story about transitioning into a full-time career as a pattern designer and shares her best tips for growing your following on social media, staying motivated without burning out, and her favorite crochet resources and supplies.

Masterclass with Crochet Designer Katlyn Charlton

Say hello to Katlyn, the crochet designer behind Oak + Willow. She tells us all about how she brought together her two craft loves, sewing and crochet, to create an art of her own: cross stitch crochet. Plus, Katlyn talks about Imposter Syndrome and how she overcame it to begin her business.

Bonus 5: Printables & Worksheets To Enhance Your Experience ($342 value)

Crocheting doesn't just have to be around the act of crocheting. There are plenty of other things you can do to enhance your craft and get the most out of it! You'll also get:
  • A Crochet Project Planner & Journal to organize your works in progress
  • The Next Project & Idea Tracker worksheet to keep track of all your spur of the moment 3am ideas
  • Yarn Inventory printable to always know what yarn you have on hand
  • Blanket Sizing printable to help you measure your creations at a glance
  • ​Personalize your creations with handmade tags for blankets, shawls, and scarfs

PLUS FREE Lifetime Access To Our Private Knit & Crochet Membership Community

There's a BIG difference between watching a video online and trying to replicate it at home… and having access to real experts and like-minded knitters and crocheters to help you with all your questions. Instead of feeling left in the dark, get continued support for life💗
  • Get access to an expert instructor to ask all your questions and get help anytime you need it
  • ​Participate in online community like-minded crafters to inspire & encourage each other
  • ​Have a safe space to share your work and provide some much-needed socialization
Here's What Other Crocheters & Knitters 
Have To Say About Our Past Classes:
  • You're on the go all the time and want portable projects to work on
  • You're struggling to find crochet projects that are useful but aren't too complicated
  • You're a beginner crocheter who wants to go beyond blankets
We Guarantee You'll Love It!
"You'll Master the Art of Crocheting ANYTHING with Rectangles...I Guarantee It, Or Your Money Back” 
If you're not a confident crocheter by the end of these workshops if you haven't learned any new skills or created a project with rectangles…

Send us an email at within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you back every penny, no sweat. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your crochet transformation!

Either you're making progress in your crochet journey or you pay nothing—so it's a win-win for you!

Crochet Anything With Rectangles Today—A Skill You Can't Miss Out On
People often dismiss rectangles and squares as the simple shapes you learn on… 

and then toss them aside in favor of difficult, fancy patterns.

But especially if you're a beginner, 

  • being able to turn these easy stitches into anything you
    want is a fast-track way to improve your crochet skills
  • expand your pattern repertoire
  • and ultimately become an even more confident crocheter
Imagine how cool it would be to show someone your finished piece 
and get them doubly impressed when you reveal you only used rectangles!
And of course, it's the perfect portable project to take with you anytime anywhere :)
Expand your crochet repertoire today!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

“I can’t afford a crochet workshop right now…”

Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s your time — It’s all valuable! I completely understand.

That’s why I’m sharing this workshop for 40% OFF if you sign-up TODAY!

This is the BEST & LOWEST price I will ever be able to offer, and it literally takes just 2 minutes to sign-up!

But if you’re still thinking:

“I don’t know if this class will be for me…"

I appreciate your honesty! And I’d really hate for you to have a negative experience...

Which is why I’m offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee — No Questions Asked!

If you don’t absolutely LOVE the class, you simply let me know and poof. Refunded.

There Is NO CATCH!

I’m taking on the risk so you can have the reward.

All you have to do now is sign-up before the class is full.  

Time is of the Essence...

In order to create an intimate and interactive online experience, we can only allow so many people to register for the class at a time…

And as I mentioned above, this is the BEST & LOWEST price I’ll ever offer this workshop…

Avoid the waitlist AND snag these savings ASAP!  

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Upgrade to All-Access

  Crochet Anything with Rectangles Course
                  ($3495 Value FREE)

  Immediate Access to the Downloadable Pattern & 
Supply List
                  ($51 Value FREE)

  Access to a Crochet Expert
                ($197 Value FREE)

  Lifetime Access to a Community of Crocheters in a
Private Member’s Area
                ($297 Value FREE)

  BONUS #1: 12x More Patterns To Create Anything With Rectangles And Squares 
                 ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #2: 12x Patterns To Make On The Go
                 ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #3: How To Master Seaming, Edging & Tension
                 ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #4: Masterclasses With Expert Crocheters
                 ($343.00 Value)

  Bonus #5: Printables & Worksheets To Enhance Your Experience
                 ($342.00 Value)

Sign-Up Today & Save 90%

Snag these savings ASAP! 
Before They're All Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read about the All-Access experience. Please treat yourself!

Happy Crafting, 
Brittany Lynch

P.S. You'll also get $1,576 in bonus trainings, patterns and a lifetime membership to our knit & crochet community which includes access to our instructors for further questions.  

You're protected by a 30 day money-back guarantee, so grab the Definitive Guide To Crochet Anything with Rectangles, get ready to improve your skills and become a more confident crocheter!

Get The Crochet Anything With Rectangles Workshop Here Today & SAVE 90+% OFF!! 

When You Enroll Below You'll Get INSTANT Access To All The Stitch Patterns &
Video Tutorials Listed On This Page. Access It ANYTIME, On Your Own Schedule




Item Price
Review Your Purchase Total
Dynamically Updated $XX.00

Add The Log Cabin Baby Blanket Class To My Order: Save 50% on The Log Cabin Baby Blanket Class. There’s a GREAT VARIETY OF STITCHES & TEXTURES you can play with to bring it to life! It can be made small or large making it AN EXCELLENT YARN STASH-BUSTER with lots of colors to work with. And it’s PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS or advanced crocheters since you can customize your stitch & yarn choices to make it exactly how you’d like it. Save 50% and add to your order for just $37 now.

Here's a Recap of What You'll Get:

  • Crochet Anything With Rectangles Summit Workshop ($3495 Value FREE)
  • ​BONUS 1: 12x More Patterns To Create Anything With Rectangles And Squares ($297 Value)
  • BONUS 2: 12x Patterns To Make On The Go ($297 Value)
  • BONUS 3: How To Master Seaming, Edging & Tension ($297 Value)
  • BONUS 4: Masterclasses With Expert Crocheters ($343 Value)
  • ​​BONUS 5: Printables & Worksheets To Enhance Your Experience ($342 Value)
  • ​Private Knit and Crochet Membership Community ($297 Value FREE)

Total Value = $1576

Today’s Price = $37!

    Frequently Asked Questions

       What materials and equipment do I need?

    For the four patterns in our main training you'll need to gather the items below (you likely have these in your equipment!) and some embellishments are optional. The equipment list will be provided for each of the additional patterns, but you can feel free to swap bits and pieces out to make it your own!

    Caramel Beanie:
    Worsted weight yarn: 195 (215, 295) yds
    US H/8 [5mm] crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    1-2 sizes smaller crochet hook (optional – for attaching pom pom)
    Tapestry needle
    Faux fur pompom

    Cotton Candy Cardigan:
    Size 6 bulky yarn
    180 (300, 375, 465, 620) (790, 900, 990, 1040, 1140, 1195, 1270, 1310) yds depending on size
    10 mm hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    Locking Stitch Marker or Clips
    Sharp Scissors
    Tapestry Needle

    Neapolitan Shrug and Cardigan:
    Worsted weight yarn in 4 colors:
    A - 210 (215, 220, 235, 285,295, 300, 305) yards
    B - 255 (260, 265, 275, 280, 285, 290, 345) yards
    C - 165 (170, 175, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205) yards
    D - 165 (170, 175, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205) yards
    US I/9 [5.5mm] crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    US H/8 [5mm] crochet hook
    Tapestry needle

    Sweet Sherbet Slippers:
    Worsted weight yarn: 145 (195, 240) yds
    US H/8 [5mm] crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    Tapestry needle
    Stitch marker
    Tailors ham or a sock and a washcloth (optional - to help with seaming)

    Tutti Frutti Tote:
    Worsted weight yarn: 315 yds
    US H/8 [5mm] crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    Tapestry needle
    4-6 stitch markers or pins (optional - for seaming)

       Do I need to have any crochet experience?

    This is for both beginners and advanced crocheters looking to branch out into new patterns. We'll assume you can crochet a basic rectangle, but we also give you plenty of help to make sure that your rectangles are proportional, flawless and polished. So as long as you can do the very basics, we'll take you from there!

       Am I too advanced for this?

    Not at all! These are a ton of fun little projects that you can take with you on-the-go without needing to lug around your entire equipment bag. If you don't know how to turn rectangles into all of these items, this is absolutely a skill you'll want in your arsenal! You'll be able to speed through them (which is especially useful if you want to sell your creations) and they'll still look just as good as if you did it the hard way.

       How do I access the training?

    You'll receive an email with your login details after purchase to access your trainings. They're available to you online, for life, so you can watch them from the comfort of your home any time you'd like!

       What if I don't like the training?

    We do our best to ensure Crafts On Air produces only the most professional, helpful and visually appealing content for you to consume easily at your leisure. We even offer you the opportunity to continue learning from our experts inside the community if you have any further questions. However, if for any reason you're not happy with the training, simply email us at up to 30 days after your purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

    Have Questions? Need Help? Email us at
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