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Have you been dreaming of learning how to Tunisian Crochet?

Seeing all of the gorgeous projects you could be making...

The beautiful handmade tunisian crochet home decor...

The heirloom gift items you could be giving to your loved ones to cherish.

But it can feel overwhelming to learn something new...

Imagine having access to one of the best tunisian crochet instructors in the business, and learning directly from them!

That is what you can expect from our 2-Day Learn to Tunisian Crochet Summit on October 13th & 14th!

To ensure that you learn everything you need to become a passionate tunisian crocheter, we have created this amazing course.

Within each course you will learn tunisian crochet fundamentals including:

  • What You Need to Get Started with Tunisian Crochet
  • ​Chaining & the Anatomy of the Stitch
  • ​How to Read a Pattern
  • ​Finishing Touches
  • ​Changing Colors
  • ​and MORE!
And once you're hooks are ready to get to work...

We will provide step-by-step tutorials for your very first tunisian crochet projects!

Before you know it you will have created not one, but three gorgeous tunisian crochet patterns...

A Multi-Stitch Hat, a Tote and a Cozy Shawl.

When those cool winter months roll in, you will have your very own, handmade accessories to show off!

Your family and friends will be begging you to create a set for them.

The best part about our Learn to Tunisian Crochet Summit is you will walk away with everything you need to know to Learn to Tunisian Crochet!

No more sifting through How to Tunisian Crochet books...

Or wasting hours online searching websites...

Everything you need will be presented in 2 days in an easy-to-access event.

PLUS, you can tune-in from anywhere!

Planning to visit your family for the weekend? No problem!

Hitting the road for a vacation? Take us along with you!

And, no worrying about wearing a mask because you'll be safe and sound in your own space.

You will feel like you are in your own classroom with one of the best tunisian crochet instructors.

With our professionally filmed videos, you won't miss a single detail.

We promise you won't find an experience like this anywhere else.

That's why we are so excited to invite you to our 2-day event on December 11th & 12th.

We can't wait to see you there.

Ready to Learn to Tunisian Crochet
 From the Comfort of Your Home? 
Part 1: Simple Multi-Stitch Hat
Part 2: Simple Multi-Stitch Hat

Part 3: Shawl
Treble Stitches

Here's What You'll Learn In This Class:

Part 1: The Basics Of Tunisian Crochet

First, we'll start you off with the basics so you get the fundamentals under your belt. If you're confused about what yarn to use or what hooks to buy, don't worry, we'll cover that too!
  • ​Help! The Hook & Yarns Are Different: Nervous about picking the proper hook and yarn combinations for your Tunisian Crochet project? We'll cover all the basics so you feel confident and prepared!
  • Notions Explained: Allow us to showcase some of our favorite notions to utilize in your projects so you can grab the exact ones we'll be using
  • Let's Master The Foundations: The biggest step is getting started, so let's do it together! We will review the basic foundation chain and the simple stitch to create a dense, stretchy fabric
  • Stitches Galore: Next, we'll cover the knit, full and purl stitches to help give you some great variety in your work, even as a beginner, and incorporate multiple colors, textures and feels
  • Binding Off Basics: We'll show you step by step how to bind off and give a perfectly polished look to your projects with these professional techniques
  • ​​Knit, Purl, Don't Curl: Anxious about the dreaded curl in your Tunisian Crochet projects? Don't be! We will show you how to block your project and avoid it every time

Part 2: The Market Bag

We'll start you off with something easy, the market bag pattern! Let's put those new stitch techniques to good use and create a simple, but still a very useful item.
  • ​Moss Stitch: Confidently tackle this market bag project with a new Tunisian crochet stitch that builds on your existing knowledge
  • Tackle Tension Trouble: There is nothing more frustrating than finishing up a project and finding that the tension was off. That’s why we recommend gauging, and we will show you all about it!
  • How To Change Colors: Ready to change colors in your Market Bag? We will cover the best technique for dropping your old color and bringing in the new
  • Construct Your Bag With Ease: From constructing the body to seaming up the sides, joining the borders and making the straps, we'll show you how to put all the finishing touches on your bag so it looks gorgeous!

Part 3: The Shawl

Eager to wear some of your Tunisian crochet creations? This simple but cute shawl is a great addition to your wardrobe when you're just a bit chilly.
  • ​Triangles And Tribulations: Nervous about how to create the triangular shawl shape by increasing on the bias? We will walk you through it to give you all the confidence you need to make this pattern successfully!
  • Effortless Color Change: Seeing the color change mid-pattern and ready to skip class? DON’T! Our instructor shows you how to switch colors effortlessly so you can create gorgeous striped items
  • Weave In Your Ends: Excited to add a beautiful edging to your shawl project to give it a polished, professional look? You’ll learn step-by-step how to create the gorgeous crab stitch border
  • ​​Crab Stitch Border: There is nothing more beautiful than a decorative border for your piece! We will guide you step-by-step to create this simply beautiful crab stitch border for a professional finish
  • ​​Blocking & Finishing: Worried about the dreaded curl with your project? We will show you how to block (or press) your piece for gorgeous results

Part 4: Multi-Stitch Hat

Finally, we'll jump right into creating your multi-stitch hat. You'll love this cute pattern and appreciate this new take on a project you've probably made plenty of!
  • Tink Or Knit: Not sure what to do when the dreaded mistake pops up in your project? Let's review tinking (think KNIT backwards) and how to get your work back on track…
  • Row Counting & Decreases: One of the trickiest parts of creating a hat - the row counting and decreases to create the form! We will show you some tips and tricks to get it done right the first time.
  • Let's Piece It Together: We'll bring the pieces of your hat together with a simple joining and seaming technique to make your projects professional and polished
  • ​​The Finishing Touches: The best part of the whole project! Let's gather the top, close it up and add embellishments and finishing touches!
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I made several of our Crochet & Knit classes available for free. Crafters were able to attend online from anywhere in the world, watch professionally filmed video classes and follow along and create beautiful projects from lovely patterns. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

   Where does the class take place?

The “Learn to Tunisian Crochet” class happens ONLINE, so you can watch it all from the comfort of your home. 

   Will I learn how to tunisian crochet an actual pattern?

Yes! We will show you how to tunisian crochet, a hat, a tote and a shawl as well as the foundation of tunisian crocheting and techniques that you can use on all your other future tunisian crochet projects! 

   How is this class different?

This is a class created by MAKERS for MAKERS, just like you! Our instructor is an expert in Tunisian Crochet. PLUS, we create our classes from the surveys YOU answer, so they are personalized just for your needs.

   How long will the class be available?

You have 48 hours to watch all the class videos and patterns for free! **If you want access to the videos for a lifetime, you'll have the option to upgrade to lifetime access. 

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