If you've ever wanted to knit professional pieces
now is your chance.

You'll Learn To Knit  By The End Of This Online Course Even If You've Never Picked Up Knitting Needles Before… We Guarantee It.

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Expand your crafting repertoire and create beautiful knit projects you'll be proud to wear, gift or donate!

Have you always wanted to learn to knit? You'll learn to knit these three beautiful projects in this class:
Maybe you're a crocheter who...
  • ...always wanted to branch out
  • ...finds a way to connect with a loved one who loved to knit
  • ...just adore how knitted projects look and feel
Or maybe you just love the idea of curling up with a ball of yarn
relaxing with a hot beverage, and working away on a beautiful project 
you can wear, gift, or donate and be proud of.

Seeing all those pictures of gorgeous handmade projects you could be creating or passing down as cherished heirloom gifts lights the knitting desire deep in your soul.

This is your opportunity to learn to knit… so your homemade projects look store-bought.

No more sifting through "How To Knit" books...

Or wasting hours online searching through blogs and YouTube videos…
You're about to feel like you are in your own classroom with your
own personal knitting instructor.
Everything will be streamlined, concise and easy to follow, from picking up your needles for the very first time to knitting multiple polished projects.
Learning to knit has never been easier.

Introducing The Definitive A-Z Learn To Knit Online Course

Lifetime Access to the Learn To Knit Masterclass ($97 value)

Whether you've dabbled in knitting, have made a few pieces or never picked up needles before, the fundamentals of knitting are essential to get right. In over 40+ professionally filmed video lessons, you'll learn these fundamentals from the ground up, then take those skills and put them into practice with three great patterns.
  • Yarn Made Simple: There's an overwhelming amount of yarn to choose from and work with, so we're going to make it super simple to help you get started picking the right equipment to suit your needs
  • ​Cast On, Cast Off: Arguably the most difficult part of knitting as a beginner, casting on and off is an essential skill which you'll need to master, but not to worry! Everything you need to know is inside these videos 😀
  • ​Stitches, Stitches & More Stitches: We're going to tackle the Knit Sampler Scarf, Multi Stitch Hat & Knit Shawl to get you practicing beyond the basic stitch and learning the garter stitch, diamond brocade stitch, moss stitch and more!
  • Mastering The Finish: Knitting and purling is one thing, but finishing your edges is another! You'll learn how to decorate your edges with polish and ensure there are no glaring mistakes in your finish piece so it looks utterly professional
Plus the primary pattern downloads to refer back to at any time!
I put together a short video walk through of the entire Learn To Knit Online Course. You can watch it below to see everything that you get when you enroll in this online course. 
Whether you've dabbled in knitting, have made a few pieces or never picked up needles before, the fundamentals of knitting are essential to get right. In over 40+ professionally filmed video lessons, you'll learn these fundamentals from the ground up, then take those skills and put them into practice with three great patterns: A Sampler Scarf, A Simple Classic Knit Hat & A Shawl.

Part 1: Knitting - The Basics

Here are some of the skills you’ll discover in this section: 
  • ​​Video 1: A Yarn Overview - In this video we will walk through all the different types of yarn and why you would pick one type of yarn over the other.
  • ​​Video 2: Knitting Needle Overview - Straight, DPS, Circular, there are several different types of knitting needles. Which needles do you need for which situation? This video will explain it simply :) 
  • ​​Video 3: Choosing The Right Yarn & Needle Combination - Have you ever wondered which yarn is right for which needle and which needle size? This video will give you all you need to know to truly understand.
  • Video 4: Knitting Styles & How to Hold Your Yarn and Needles - We'll review the various knitting types and which one is right for you. We will talk about English(Throwing) and Continental (Picking) to help you get comfortable with the new skills you will learn.
  • Video 5: Casting On, Knit & Purl Stitches - We will do a review of a simple single cast on to get your projects started. Learn both the knit and purl foundational stitches that are used in most knitting patterns.
  • Video 6: Knitting Notions - Learn about the knitting notions you'll need for different patterns and other items you might need to get you started
  • Video 7: Cast Off - Learn how to cast off (also known as bind off) to end your knitting projects. Binding off is simply the method of finishing a knitting project so that the stitches don’t unravel.
  • Video 8: Swatching & Blocking - Learn about the importance of swatching and how to block your finished projects. 
  • ​Video 9: Fixing Common Problems & Tinking - Learn how to fix some of the common knitting mistakes​​

Here's What One Learn To Knit Online Course Student Had To Say

""Crafts On Air has a wonderful video series where Brittany describes each step of the hat, ribbing, stockinette and decreases bit by bit. She takes it simply and moves you through the entire pattern. I truly encourage you."

Part 2: Simple Sampler Knit Scarf

In this part of the Learn To Knit class we’ll expand on the basics and apply them to your very first knit project - a gorgeous Sampler Knit Scarf. As you’re creating the scarf we’ll layer on some new skills and techniques to help you become a knitting pro.

Here are some of the skills you’ll discover in this section: 
  • Video 10: How to Read a Pattern - Learn how to read a knitting pattern with all the abbreviations as well as various other tips and tricks to properly understand knitting patterns.
  • Video 11: Garter Stitch - The garter stitch or knit stitch is the most common and essential stitch to know in knitting. A reversible stitch that results in a beautiful stretchy fabric.
  • Video 12: Stockinette Stitch - When you imagine knitting, you’re probably imagining the stockinette stitch. Stockinette alternates between the knit stitch and purl stitch. In this video you’ll learn how to do both.
  • ​Video 13: Diamond Brocade Stitch - This pretty stitch has been around a long time and creates a beautiful diamond textured stitch. It may look complicated but it's perfect for beginners.
  • Video 14: Moss Stitch - A classic stitch that creates a lovely texture. It’s made by alternating knits and purls and we’ll show you exactly how to create it in this video.
  • Video 15: Checker Stitch - The checker stitch creates a wonderful checkerboard design and creates a nice, thick fabric with a pattern that I love. This video will show you how.
  • ​Video 16: Joining Yarn - At some point every knitter will run out of yarn. In this video we’ll show you two great ways to easily join yarn with a professional finish.​

Here's What One Learn To Knit Online Course Student Had To Say

"The videos really guide you through this to help you make it. I love that they made different videos for each section. So if you only need help with one part, you don't need to hunt through a long video looking for that section. You can just click on the video that you need help with. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did and that you're having fun learning to knit."

Part 3: Simple Classic Knit Hat

In Part 3 we’ll build on the skills we learned making the scarf and move into learning how to knit in the round using circular knitting needles. By the end of this section of the Learn To Knit Workshop you’ll have a gorgeous Simple Classic Knit Hat. This is perfect for gifting or to wear yourself!

Here are some of the skills you’ll discover in this section: 
  • Video 17: What You Will Need to Start Knitting - Learn about circular knitting needles and the different ones that you will need for various projects. We will explain the various cable lengths and general lengths needed for different projects.
  • Video 18: Casting On With Circular Knitting Needles - You will learn the long tail cast on method and how to keep your stitches straight when connecting to the cast on. We will also review how to keep your stitches nice and tight and avoid bumps and lumps in your projects. 
  • Video 19: Rib Stitch & Brim of Hat - Learn about the use of smaller needles needed for certain parts of projects like the ribbing on this hat. We will review the rib stitch used for this hat as well as other common rib stitches used in knitting projects.
  • Video 20: Fixing Common Mistakes - Learn all about how to fix mistakes that you may make along the way. We will review how to correct a dropped stitch, why holes develop and how to fix them, how to fix a twisted stitch and learn about lifelines.
  • Video 21: Top of Hat- Shaping & Decreasing - Learn the concept of decreasing stitches as you create the shape of the top of the hat. This concept of decreasing is used in many other knitting projects like garments and accessories.
  • Video 22: Finishing Off & Adding PomPom - Learn how to finish off the top of the hat and weave in the ends. We will also review how to block 3 dimensional projects. Finally finish off our project with creating the pompom and attaching it to your hat.​

Here's What Several Learn To Knit Online Course Students Had To Say

"I enjoyed the Crafts On Air Learn To Knit course. I choose this hat pattern because it's a small easy project that can be done without getting frustrated so in that it's a great beginner project." 

Hi I’m Sherry. I knit the shawl for Learn to Knit All Access, Crafts on Air.. It’s a very easy knit and perfect for beginning lace knitters. Very little counting is involved and no complicated stitches. The size is adjustable for your needs. The video classes are very helpful with the knitting process and make for an enjoyable knit. I think this project would work with any yarn; gradient, solid, even variegated to fit your needs.

- Sherry G.

Part 4: Create A Gorgeous Shawl

In part 4 we’ll learn how to make a shawl and keep building on the foundational skills we’ve already learned about. We will introduce working with color and different yarn weights and in the end you’ll have a beautiful shawl you’ll love to wear.

Here are some of the skills you’ll discover in this section: 
  • Video 23: Working with Lighter Yarn Weight/Fibers - Learn how to knit with lighter weight yarn. We will talk about substituting and playing with various yarn weights, fibers and colors for your projects.
  • Video 24: Customization - Learn how to modify and customize your patterns. We will explain what sort of experimentation is easy to implement. 
  • Video 25: Garter Cast On & Increasing - Learn how to do a garter tab cast on for this project and similar ones. We will review how to increase stitches as well for projects like garments, accessories, etc.
  • Video 26: How to Change Yarn Color - Learn how to change yarn color in the middle of a pattern. We will also review tips and tricks to make this process easier.
  • Video 27: Edging and Bind Off - Learn the skills your need to make pretty edging for your projects and finally how to finish your shawl and weave in the ends with lighter weight yarn.
  • Video 28: Blocking - Blocking is so important so we will review tips and tricks for blocking your projects and why blocking makes such a difference in your finished projects.
  • Video 29-Video 44 Additional Skills - Plus there are many more additional videos throughout the course to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to Learn To Knit :) 

I knitted the shawl according the instructions.
Looking at the videos was very helpful and clear with the information. I wanted the shawl a bit bigger so I added 7 rows to the original pattern. The shawl is 39 inch wide and 17.5 inch deep without the tassels. My daughter loves tassels and she wanted them to be very noticeable. I think it worked out very nice.

It's a very nice pattern with good instructions and very easy to knit if you follow the instructions and videos.
Here some pictures from the shawl I hope you like it to.

- Martine

Part 1: Simple Sampler Knit Scarf
Part 2: Simple Multi-Stitch Hat
Part 3: Shawl
Imagine your friends and family begging you to make them a set of handmade winter wear
Before you know it you will have created not one
but three gorgeous knit projects..
With your new scarf, shawl and hat to show off in the cool winter months, 
your loved ones will be desperate to get their hands on one too! 

They'll want to know what store you bought it from… 

 Now you'll have a great go-to gift set for them
or to give away to your favorite charity.

These skills will serve you for a lifetime of relaxation, fun and fulfillment.
And we're not stopping with the basics…

Learn To Knit Or Improve Your Knitting Skills With Ease And Get $1,489 In Incredible Bonuses

While the main training will equip you with everything you need to  learn to knit, these bonuses will help you hone your skills, give you more possibilities to create and ultimately support your knit journey!

Bonus 1: The Definitive Guide To Creating Beautiful Projects You're Proud To Wear, Donate Or Gift ($297 value)

Knitting isn't just a fun pastime, your projects also make incredible, useful gifts! Whether you want to wear, donate or gift your creations, making them look professional is key. In this workshop, we'll show you how to seam and edge your projects neatly and correctly. These important finishing techniques will help you make your projects look just as polished as you might see in a store!

Bonus 2: How To Fix Your Knitting Mistakes Workshop ($297 value)

Knitting looks amazing when done perfectly, but as soon as you make a mistake it can feel like it ruins the whole piece. In this workshop, we'll show you exactly how to rescue your projects without completely frogging them! You'll learn how to fix missed loops and stitches, slipped or dropped stitches, and how to pull back your work properly.

Bonus 3: 8x Knitting Patterns For Beginners ($97 value)

Woohoo, who doesn't love more  patterns?

These beautiful pieces are great for beginners to test their newfound skills with 😉

Here's a look at all the additional awesome things you will be able to make:

Easy Striped Baby Blanket

Is anyone in your friends and family circle expecting? This adorable baby blanket is an easy little project for beginners to tackle and have a great gift to give or donate afterward 👶

Rib Ridge Dishcloth

Exercise your stitching skill with this ribbed raised design (which you could take to any pattern) and finish off this cute dishcloth or handtowel for your kitchen.

Fingerless Gloves

Who doesn't get cold hands in the morning or in winter? These gorgeous knit fingerless gloves are perfect for those who want to keep their hands warm whilst still being able to use your hands to do things!

Knit Shawl

Imagine this multi-coloured warmth wrapped around your arms and shoulders🤗 It's an easy design that looks and feels great while you don't have to worry about complicated sleeves and other decorations.

Moss Knit Infinity Cowl

What's better than a scarf? A comfy cowl of course! This simplistic design will be great practice for nailing your beginner stitches and will stylishly complement any look.

Pico Edge Shawl

If you're looking to spice up your edges, this shawl is the perfect challenge. A different take on a similar shape with a little extra finish for a fashionable homemade shawl!

Ribbed Striped Mittens

If you want your fingers covered in woolly warmth without the difficulty of making each finger, these comfy mittens are a great addition to your knitting repertoire. This pattern comes with a ribbed edge so they stay on your hands with ease.

Knit Beaded Hat

Beanies aren't only a great milestone in your knitting journey, but adorable and useful too! This pattern puts a little twist on the old-fashioned beanie with some cute beading at the edges to add some sparkle.

Bonus 4: A Database Of 50 Additional Designer Knitting Patterns ($247 value)

Want more knitting design inspiration? Look no further! We've curated a list of our favorite knitting designer's patterns to give you an instant creative boost to explore more projects. Now you can take your newfound skills, put them to the test and make different types of blankets, apparel, cute items to adorn your home, accessories and gifts!

Bonus 5: Create Your First Sweater Workshop ($277 value)

A beautiful, handmade knit sweater is a huge milestone. This Top Down York Sweater is complete with stretchy cuffs and finished edges to provide an adequate challenge to any knitter looking to move to the next level. Celebrity crafter Krista Ann will walk you through the entire process in this comprehensive workshop so you'll have an amazing sweater finished in no time 👚

Bonus 6: How To Knit Gorgeous Socks Workshop ($274 value)

Who doesn't love socks?! These cozy knit house socks will keep your toes warm all winter long (or whoever you're giving them to!). From keeping your stitches neat as you go to finishing off the toes without any annoying ends, Krista Ann is back again to ensure that you won't get lost or stuck with her in-depth knit design masterclass.

This course covers not just the basics of how to knit, but also all the tricks, techniques, and methods that usually take years of experience and scouring knitting blogs to accrue. These tips make knitting easier and your work neater, but they're challenging to find on one's own. The random division method of avoiding magic loop ladders had been my favorite way to knit for several years, but I'd never seen it on any website or forum until now! And, after 8 years of spending far too much time on knitting sites, I'd never heard of Norwegian purls. So, whether you are new to knitting or have decades of experience, this course has a lot to offer to you.

- Anjali

PLUS FREE Lifetime Access To Our Private Knit & Crochet Membership Community 
($297 Value FREE)

There's a BIG difference between watching a video online and trying to replicate it at home… and having access to real experts and like-minded knitters and crocheters to help you with all your questions. Instead of feeling left in the dark, get continued support for life💗
  • Get access to an expert instructor to ask all your questions and get help anytime you need it
  • ​Participate in online community like-minded crafters to inspire & encourage each other
  • ​Have a safe space to share your work and provide some much-needed socialization
Don't Take Our Word For It!
Look at What Some of Our Customers Had to Say
About This Learn to Knit Course

I chose to knit the shawl from the Learn to Knit Series because I liked the way Joanna's finished product looked. Actually, all the products looked great, I just loved the colorway Joanna had finished the shawl in. The clear instructions of the series made starting with the garter tab easy... which could be problematic for a newbie without detailed guidance -- which Joanna was great at demonstrating. I love the fact that the size of the shawl was customizable - and the customization process was clearly detailed in the video AND the pattern. This series is great for newbies because of the clear instructions and great camera angles... re-playing and slowing down helps if there are any sticking points. I made this shawl for myself... in my favorite color - and because of the simplicity of the pattern, I'll definitely replicate the pattern with heavier yarn and bigger needles (it's just that easy to do!)

- Terassah T. 

Even though I have knit for over 50 years, I chose to make this hat, because a basic, knit hat, is not only easy, but functional. This hat is no exception. I found it super easy to knit with only a few shaping decreases. Simple to do stockinette stitch and ribbing, is all you need to know. I made this hat using stripes in a Fibonacci Sequence fade just to spice up the basic stripe pattern. It's a design found in nature, that is pleasing to the eye. You get your next number by adding the two previous numbers together. It made for unique rows of stripe. It goes to show, that even though it's just a stripe of two colors, how easy it is to add different stripe widths. Try stripes of different colors! Use your imagination and run wild with it! School colors, favorite colors, rainbow colors, or solid. Grab your needles and design your very own! You will not be disappointed with how easy it is to start your new knitting obsession with this wonderful pattern!

- Pam

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting the Simple Classic Knit Hat pattern. The pattern is well written and straightforward so it is very wary to understand even for a new knitter. The whole Learn To Knit set of videos for teaching the basics through the patterns are fantastic. Crafts On Air has done an amazing job. 

- Jen

I decided to knit the sampler scarf designed by Joanna Beinfeld. I chose this pattern because I liked the variety of stitches in the project. I have been knitting for a long time, and I wanted something quick but also something that looked like I spent a huge amount of time making it.

This was a fairly quick project that is easily modified. It worked up in about 8-10 hours. Make it longer, make it shorter – change the blocks. Everything can be customized based on the knitter’s preference. I chose to make mine with Red Heart variegated yarn. I wanted to see how the colors played out.

I love that there are simple videos to go along with the instructions. Not sure about something, go to the link for that section and you are able to get a better picture of how to create the stitches. Also, knitting and purling can be used so many different ways that this scarf will look like you’ve been knitting for years.
I would highly recommend this pattern, and the course to any beginning knitter. Confidence is built quickly with the help of the videos.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this “test” project. My daughter is anxiously awaiting her new scarf.

- Melinda Porter

I plan to donate this scarf. I love the pattern and will be making it again soon.
Thank you again for this opportunity. I hope you will keep me in consideration for future projects.

- Billie J Kaiwi 

Here's What Other Crocheters & Knitters 
Have To Say About Our past Classes:
  • You've dabbled in knitting and want to improve your techniques
  • You're struggling to find knitting projects that are useful but aren't too complicated
  • You're a crocheter who has always wanted to try knitting
We Guarantee You'll Love It!
"You'll Master the Art of Learning How to Knit Professionally...I Guarantee It, Or Your Money Back” 
If you're not a confident knitter by the end of these masterclasses, if you haven't learned any new skills or created a knitting project you're proud of…

Send us an email at info@craftsonair.com within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you back every penny, no sweat. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your knitting transformation!

Either you're making progress in your knitting journey or you pay nothing—so it's a win-win for you!
You'll Learn To Knit By The End Of This Workshop…

We've set out on a mission to help you learn to knit (or knit better)
by the end of this workshop and we're 100% committed to making it happen.

You'll understand everything from how to expertly use all your equipment to 
knitting and purling in different styles, from swatching and blocking to
casting on and off with ease. 

Imagine being confident enough to fix ANY dropped or missed stitch!

By the end of this workshop you'll have everything you need to knit beautiful,
useful homemade items that look store-bought to wear, gift or donate to your heart's content.

Are you ready to become an amazing knitter?

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

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If you don’t absolutely LOVE the class, you simply let me know and poof. Refunded.

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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Upgrade to All-Access

  Learn to Knit Course
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  Lifetime Access to a Community of Knitters in a
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  Bonus #1: The Definitive Guide To Creating Beautiful Project ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #2: How To Fix Your Knitting Mistakes Workshop ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #3: 8x Knitting Patterns For Beginners
($97.00 Value)

  Bonus #4: Database Of 50 Designer Knitting Patterns ($247.00 Value)

  Bonus #5: Create Your First Sweater Workshop
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  Bonus #6: How To Knit Gorgeous Socks Workshop
($127.00 Value)

Total Value: $1489

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  Learn to Knit Course
                   ($3397.00 Value FREE)

  Recordings of the Workshop  
      to Rewatch, Pause & Rewind
                   ($97.00 Value FREE)

  Immediate access to the Downloadable Pattern & 
Supply List

                   ($51.00 Value FREE)

  Access to a Knit Expert
                 ($97.00 Value FREE)

  Lifetime Access to a Community of Knitters in a
Private Member’s Area

                 ($297.00 Value FREE)

  Bonus #1: The Definitive Guide To Creating Beautiful Project
                 ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #2: How To Fix Your Knitting Mistakes Workshop
                 ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus #3: 8x Knitting Patterns For Beginners
                 ($97.00 Value)

  Bonus #4: Database Of 50 Designer Knitting Patterns
                 ($247.00 Value)

  Bonus #5: Create Your First Sweater Workshop
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  Bonus #6: How To Knit Gorgeous Socks Workshop
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Brittany Lynch

P.S. Have you ever wanted to try knitting, or polish your skills to make your projects look professional? You'll love Learn To Knit Masterclass! Inside this masterclass you'll learn the fundamentals of knitting, everything from choosing your yarn to fixing your mistakes, whilst creating an amazing scarf, hat and shawl.

Plus, you'll also get $1,489 in bonus trainings, expert masterclasses, patterns and a lifetime membership to our knit & crochet community which includes access to our instructors for further questions. 

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Add The Knit Edges and Borders Class To My Order: One Time Offer - ONLY $27! Get access to New Knit Borders and Edges Video Classes to finish off some of your favorite projects! Customize your pieces with these unique finishes that will add a special touch. Save 75% on this ONE TIME OFFER!

Here's a Recap of What You'll Get:

  • Learn To Knit Course ($3997 FREE)
  • ​BONUS 1: The Definitive Guide To Creating Beautiful Projects You're Proud To Wear, Donate Or Gift ($297 Value)
  • BONUS 2: How To Fix Your Knitting Mistakes Workshop ($297 Value)
  • BONUS 3: 8x Knitting Patterns For Beginners ($97 Value)
  • BONUS 4: A Database Of 50 Additional Designer Knitting Patterns ($247 Value)
  • ​​BONUS 5: Create Your First Sweater Workshop ($277 Value)
  • BONUS 6: How To Knit Gorgeous Socks Workshop ($274 Value)
  • ​Private Knit & Crochet Membership Community ($297 FREE)

Total Value = $1489

Today’s Price = $37!

    Frequently Asked Questions

       What materials and equipment do I need?

    For the patterns in our main training, you'll need to gather the items below (you likely have these in your equipment!) and some embellishments are optional. The equipment list will be provided for each of the additional patterns, but you can feel free to swap bits and pieces out to make it your own!

    Yarn: Approx. 500 yards, Worsted yarn
    Needle: US #8 (straight but circular could work too)
    Tools: Tapestry needle, scissors

    Yarn: Approx. 246 yards DK weight
    Needles: US #5 (3.75mm) and US #7 (4.5mm) knitting needles
    Notions: Measuring Tape, Tapestry Needle, Stitch Marker

    Yarn: Approx 250 yards fingering weight(DK) for kerchief size or 750 yards for full size
    Needle: US #6 (4mm) knitting needles
    Notions: Tapestry needle, 4 stitch markers, Measuring Tape, Tally Marker, Scissors, 3.5 mm Crochet Hook (+/- 1mm will work), Embroidery Floss (or nice slippery, non fuzzy yarn like Cotton or Bamboo)

       Do I need to have any knit experience?

    No! This is absolutely designed to take someone who has never picked up knitting needles before and turn them into a confident knitter. We'll show you everything from choosing the right needle and yarn to swatching and blocking like a pro.

       Am I too advanced for this?

    Not at all! This is great for both beginners and intermediates who want to improve their skills and polish. If you've ever wanted to improve your knitting, pick up new skills or learn the sampler scarf, simple classic knit hat, shawl and more… this is still for you!

       How do I access the training?

    You'll receive an email with your login details after purchase to access your trainings. They're available to you online, for life, so you can watch them from the comfort of your home any time you'd like!

       What if I don't like the training?

    We do our best to ensure Crafts On Air produces only the most professional, helpful and visually appealing content for you to consume easily at your leisure. We even offer you the opportunity to continue learning from our experts inside the community if you have any further questions.

    However, if for any reason you're not happy with the training, simply email us at info@craftsonair.com up to 30 days after your purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

    Have Questions? Need Help? Email us at info@craftsonair.com
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