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As you may know, 
when you first learn how to knit, 
there are a few basic stitches you need to practice.  

As time goes by - you GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE &
 added in more variety to play around with combining them

The thing is... 

there are 100's of knit stitches to choose from! 

You could:
🤔 Purchase hard-copies of knit stitch dictionaries and do your own analyzations on how to implement book instructions for hundreds of outdated knit stitches.
🤔 Spend loooong hours scrolling through blog after blog, video after video trying to find inside the internet rabbit hole on where and how to start. 


🤩 You could sit back, relax and let us show you 
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We REALLY love to knit. 

The people on our team live and breathe yarn. 
We love it so much that we just have to share it! 

That's why we've compiled a list of our absolute FAVORITE knit patterns, 
all ranging in style & difficulty. 

We're particularly excited because with these 50 stitches,
the beautiful knit combinations are endless! 

Whether you're new to knit or love it as much as we do, 
our goal is to spark your knit creativity

We'll walk you through each stitch with an easy-to-follow video class, 

and answer any questions that may arise! 


You'll walk away with a newfound excitement for knit 
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Basic Knit Stitches
Garter Stitch
The main stitch you’ll want to learn when starting out. Garter Stitch lays flat and looks the same on both sides

Stockinette Stitch
The second most important stitch in knitting. It is created by using one row of knit and one row of purl. You will see a V like shape on the right side of the pattern.

Purl Ridge Stitch
The most popular form of ribbing. You can create this stitch by alternating knit and purl stitches in one row.

5x1 Flat Rib Stitch
Five wide stitches of stockinette separated by one narrow garter rib. The design of the pattern is ideal for pillows, blankets and scarves as the ribbing allows this stitch to lie flat.
Bobble Knit Stitches
Raspberry Stitch
Looking for a way to add dimension and texture to your blanket or scarf? This stitch creates soft raspberry puffs on your fabric.
Cocoon Stitch
This is one of the most unique looking stitches. Small textured cocoons are
surrounded by waving ribs to make a wonderful bumpy fabric.
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Cable Knit Stitches
Honeycomb Cable Stitch
With the use of simple cable stitches and knits and purls, this transforms into a heavy and textured fabric. The hexagon shapes are a popular look for many sweaters.

Lattice Cable Stitch
This stitch is a beautiful woven design that can be used in a variety of patterns. It features a diagonal interlocking design and is a fun stitch for new to advanced knitters.

Simple Cable Stitch
This is an easy knitting stitch with cables facing in the same direction. It’s a popular and foundational stitch for knitters, and can be used for a variety of cardigans, jackets, and much more!
Coiled Rope Stitch
This straightforward stitch shares similarities to the Simple Cable Stitch, with a coiled, rope-like appearance. It’s a wide-rib stitch and uses knits and purls for the first four rows.

Woven Cable Stitch
The woven cable stitch produces a tight, dense fabric that is similar to the basketweave. This beautiful effect is created with the use of 2/2 Right and Left Crosses on offset rows.

Sandwind Cable Stitch
This beautiful cable stitch is ideal for larger projects and produces an overall wavy appearance. It’s easy enough for beginner knitters creates a beautiful fabric.

Horseshoe Cable Stitch
This stitch may look intimidating, but is fairly simple to knit. It’s a 6-row repeat looks beautiful in a variety of accessories and garments.
Lace Knit Stitches
Seersucker Stitch
This stitch is woven together to give a slightly wrinkled appearance. It’s a good beginner stitch to learn as you will only need to know how to knit and purl.

Diagonal Scallop Stitch
A beginner stitch that combines stockinette with slipped stitch, and forms loops in diagonal lines across the fabric. It’s easier than it looks and adds texture and breathability to your knit projects.
Clamshell Stitch
An all-around stitch for many of your knit items. This stitch is characterized by it’s bumpy ‘clam-like’ texture.

Tassel Stitch
An advanced stitch that results in flexible fabric. Although it is not reversible you can use this in a number of projects to create a beautiful textured effect.

Pique Rib Stitch
This is a very versatile stitch that adds depth to your knitting project. It combines traditional knitting with purl ridges to create defined ribs.

Star Brioche Stitch
This stitch creates gorgeous fabric with stunning texture and design. It produces a warm and thick pattern, perfect for a baby blanket or sweater.
Daisy Stitch
This stitch creates a beautiful pattern, perfect for baby blankets and looks especially stunning when using alternating rows of color. It’s also versatile for many spring and summer projects

Drop Stitch Garter Stitch
A pretty, lacy stitch that is perfect for spring and summer projects. Using wraps around the working needle, this stitch creates a very open and airy effect to your scarves and garments.

Wave Drop Stitch
The Wave Drop Stitch is a fun summer knitting pattern, and a breathable stitch for lightweight throws, blankets, and hats. Using a series of knit stitches and yarn-overs, this stitch is a great introduction to knit lacing.
Butterfly Knit Stitch
This beautiful stitch adds unique design to any knit project, with its ‘butterfly-like touches made with the use of slip stitches. This is a great stitch for advanced beginner knitters and is fairly simple to work in the round.
Ready to TRY the 50 NEW KNIT STITCHES?
Rib Knit Stitches
1x1 Rib Stitch
The most popular form of ribbing. You can create this stitch by alternating knit and purl stitches in one row.

2x2 Rib Stitch
It's identical to the 1x1 Rib Stitch, but created by alternating 2 knit and 2 purl stitches in every row.

Broken Rib Stitch
Is a variation on traditional knit ribbing. Start with the 1:1 Rib stitch and add a seed stitch to add texture to pattern.
Garter Ribbing Stitch
Using a section knit stitch and then a section of purl stitch. The Garter Ribbing Stitch produces a raised stockinette effect.
Seeded Rib Stitch
An easy stitch for beginners that consists of knit and purl. This stitch will look the same on both sides.
Beaded Rib Stitch
This shows patterns can be used together. You will see that the ribbing pattern is broken up by one row of seed stitch.
Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch
A stitch with a more refined ripping perfect for scarfs and hats. It shows deep ridges that will have a great effect on any project.

Blanket Rib Stitch
You will need to know how to knit front and back, knit two together, and purl two together. This stitch knits up easily and provides a very nice and dense fabric.
Chevron Rib Stitch
This stitch produces wide ribbing and thick zigzag rows. Using knits and purls, the end effect is a bold and unique pattern.

Spiral Rib Stitch
This reversible stitch creates a thick and cozy knit project, especially for gloves and scarves. Using knits and purls this creates beautiful diagonal cabling.
Texture Knit Stitches
Seed Stitch
Is created by alternating knit stitches and purl stitches within a row and between rows. The stitches create little bumps that look like seeds. It looks the same on both sides.

Irish Moss Stitch
This stitch can seem confusing at first you will alternate rows using the knit and purl stitch. When starting the second row knit in the opposite direction then the first.

Double Moss Stitch
A variation of the single moss stitch, this is a fun stitch for beginners looking to advance their skills. This pattern lays flat and is reversible, making it ideal for a wide variety of projects.
Sand Stitch
This stitch is a great option for baby items, cowls, and blankets. It’s versatile and creates textured rows of bumps.

Bamboo Stitch
An easy pattern to learn for beginners. It consists of two rows. The hardest part is getting used to yarning over after completing the stitch. Once you have mastered that part you can complete this stitch while watching TV or talking to others.
Linen Stitch
You will alternate between slipping off the stitch and purl the stitch. Make sure to carry the yarn in the front and not in the back.

Basketweave Stitch
Looks complicated but is a very easy stitch for beginners. The stitch is alternating between the knit and purl. Once completed you get this beautiful woven stitch that will make a blanket or hat.

Herringbone Stitch
Looking for a pattern to complete your home decor project? This stitch is simple if you know how to knit, purl and slip stitch.

Texture Stitch
This simple stitch is created by pairing a row of purl stitches with a row of knit and slip stitches. This stitch will create a heavy texture perfect for using when making clothes.
Granite Stitch
A vintage pattern ideal for washcloths, bags, and knit garments that creates a ‘woven’ or ‘braided’ effect.

Diamond Brocade Stitch
A timeless stitch that creates a pretty diamond pattern across your fabric. A
‘brocade’ creates a distinctive look of slightly raised stitches.

Lattice Seed Stitch
This cabled design uses knits and pearls to create a basketweave effect. It knits up quickly and creates stunning texture for your knit project.
Reverse Ridge Stitch
A unique design with horizontal lines. Using knits and pearls this creates a stretchy, reversible fabric.

Diagonal Seed Stitch
This stockinette stitch is suitable for beginners and uses knits and purls to add distinct diagonal rows to your next knit project.

Cut Diagonals Stitch
This bold and reversible stitch is great for beginners and would look amazing for textured sweaters, blankets, and scarves.

Garter Checkerboard Stitch
Using a combination of garter and stockinette stitches blocked together, this beautiful stitch creates a checkerboard pattern. It is easy enough for beginner knitters and fun to work into any project.

Honeycomb Brioche Stitch
Using knit and slipped stitches, this stitch adds thickness and a ‘honeycomb’ effect to your knit projects. It’s versatile for a number of projects such as blankets, scarves, sweaters, and bags.
Frequently Asked Questions

   Where does this summit take place?

The 50 Knit Stitches Summit happens ONLINE, so you can watch it all from the comfort of your home. 

   How many stitches will there be?

50 of our favorites! There's something for every skill and interest level, and we have step-by-step videos to help you master each and every one. 

   How is this summit different?

Our team is made up of passionate & professional knitters with a variety of different backgrounds & styles. We put our heads together to deliver the most beautiful & diverse arrangement of stitches available. Not only that, but the video classes for each stitch allow you to transform your knit dreams into reality.  

   How long will the videos be available?

You have 48 hours to watch the videos for free! If you want to keep them, you can upgrade to "All Access" and enjoy them for a lifetime.

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