If you've ever wanted to knit professional pieces
now is your chance.

No Matter Your Skill Level, You CAN

Earn Your First $100 From Your Crafts Within 30 Days,
 Plus Get $438 In Bonus Training, Resources And More!

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Your Hobby Can Pay For Itself! Learn how to start a small business selling your crafts and earn your first $100 here

Let's face it. We LOVE our crafting hobbies but… they can get really expensive.
So wouldn't it be nice if our hobbies could pay for themselves… and then some?

Selling your crafts has probably crossed your mind. But then all the anxieties seep in.
What if my crafts aren't good enough to sell? How on earth am I supposed to understand
marketing and social media? I don't even know where to start!

So let me encourage you…

It's absolutely possible to cover the cost of your hobby WITH your hobby… no matter your skill level.

You don't need to do complicated advertising strategies. You don't need to engage in sleazy marketing tactics. You don't need to practice for 10+ years until you're 'good enough'.

By following a simple, methodical, proven strategy, you'll be able to walk the time-tested road of earning money from your creative hobbies.

Remember… there are SO MANY people out there that can't do what you do! And there's certainly people out there that would love to buy your work from you.

We went and interviewed 10 handmade business owners in a variety of handmade hobbies from crochet to knit to soap making, jewelry making, sewing and so many more. Each with thousands of sales and/or followers on social to find out:

"Knowing what you know now, if you had to start a NEW business from scratch, what would you do to make at least an extra $100 within 30 days?"

In their classes, each business owner outlines a 30-day action plan to earn AT LEAST $100 in sales. Regardless of niche, there are tried & true practices that apply to all handmade businesses in each and every class.

We guarantee you'll earn at least $100 with your handmade hobby in the next 30 days.

So whether you just want to
sell a few items a month to cover the cost of your materials and perhaps be able to afford the supplies you always
dreamt of…
Or you want to make regular sales that will turn your hobby into an extra income that will give you more time to do what you love…
Or even if you're already selling your handmade items but you need help to take it to the next level and build a business that could bring in thousands of dollars per month…
This training is for you!
Because your free ticket to this event gives you access to all the classes for only two-days. This will give you a great opportunity to watch many classes but once it's over and you'll no longer have access to the video classes or patterns.

So if you're someone who would like a bit more time with all 20+ video classes, patterns and tutorials then the All Access Masterclass pass is perfect for you. 

When you decide to upgrade to the All Access "Masterclass pass" you'll get instant & lifetime access to all of the video classes that are broadcast during the 2-days AND all the additional $394 in bonus classes.

That means you'll be able to kick back and relax, watch the videos at your own pace and know that they are there for you any time you need them or want to re-visit any of the lessons or patterns. You can pause, rewind, fast forward or re-watch any of the lessons.

...professional quality videos created by instructors with tons of experience teaching. These are totally different than any crochet or knit video you've seen before. No guessing where the hook or needle is being inserted just perfectly clear step-by-step videos and written instructions and patterns.
Right now, when you upgrade in the next 60 minutes you'll save 70+% off and 
get instant access to ALL of the "Learn To Crochet Amigurumi Classes, Patterns and Tutorials" PLUS amazing bonuses worth $394 for just $37!!!

The all-access pass is available later, but by upgrading your ticket now on this page you'll lock in the lowest price and this lowest price will not be available again.

There's nothing better than crocheting your own toys to give or donate as the perfect kids gifts!

Earn Your First $100 In JUST 30 DAYS!

Lifetime Access to the Learn To Knit Masterclass ($97 value)

Whether you've dabbled in knitting, have made a few pieces or never picked up needles before, the fundamentals of knitting are essential to get right. In over 40+ professionally filmed video lessons, you'll learn these fundamentals from the ground up, then take those skills and put them into practice with three great patterns.
  • Yarn Made Simple: There's an overwhelming amount of yarn to choose from and work with, so we're going to make it super simple to help you get started picking the right equipment to suit your needs
  • ​Cast On, Cast Off: Arguably the most difficult part of knitting as a beginner, casting on and off is an essential skill which you'll need to master, but not to worry! Everything you need to know is inside these videos 😀
  • ​Stitches, Stitches & More Stitches: We're going to tackle the Knit Sampler Scarf, Multi Stitch Hat & Knit Shawl to get you practicing beyond the basic stitch and learning the garter stitch, diamond brocade stitch, moss stitch and more!
  • Mastering The Finish: Knitting and purling is one thing, but finishing your edges is another! You'll learn how to decorate your edges with polish and ensure there are no glaring mistakes in your finish piece so it looks utterly professional
Plus the primary pattern downloads to refer back to at any time!
In over 18 hours of content, you'll get a 30 day roadmap to your first $100 with your handmade business as well as detailed strategies, tips and tricks from 10 different crafting experts who turned their passion into a thriving business.

30 Days To A Handmade Income
($997 Value)

We've laid out everything you need to get started in a easy, 30 day roadmap. Each day you'll be challenged to take one more simple step towards reaching your income goals. Each step will show you exactly what to do and all it takes is 15-30 minutes a day!

Here's a little preview:
  • Finding Your Why: Business is actually backed by your mindset, and the more powerful it is and the clearer you are on your motivation and goals, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • The Power Of The 3 P's: Did you know you can have a good idea of what will sell before you even start? This is how…
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: If you've ever felt like you don't know what you're doing or you're not good enough to do it… you're very much not alone. Here's our strategy to overcoming these self-doubts…
  • The Nitty Gritty Made Easy: Stuck on your business name? Not sure how to 'brand' yourself? Or how to order supplies, package and ship your products? Not to fear, our guide is here to give you clear instructions forward to all these questions and more!
  • How To Attract Your Audience: Social media, email marketing and other promotions might seem intimidating, but we've found the best strategies to help you attract your audience in the least complicated way possible!
  • Marketing 101: Finally, after your business is set up and ready to bring in your first $100, we're going to give you some expert marketing tips to help you launch, get more customers and turn them into loyal fans!
By the end of this 30 day roadmap… you'll have started your business the right way and prepared everything you need to earn income from your hobby! Rather than fumbling your way through the process by yourself, you'll quickly skip all the hurdles and stress of what to do next and see real results.

10 Crafters Just Like You Who Turned Their Passion Into A Simple Little Handmade Income Show You How To Do The Same ($247 Value)

You're about to meet ten very successful handmade business owners, people with thousands of followers that make upwards of several thousands of dollars a month and more! I've asked all of them, if you lost everything and had to start over, with zero followers, resources or connections… and all you have is your crafting skills and the knowledge you have accumulated… what would you do?

They share their knowledge and wisdom in these exclusive interviews here, as well as their own 30 day roadmap to help you create a successful handmade business! While these experts range in niche from crochet to jewelry making, all these principles are applicable across any hobby.

Amanda of Amanda Houston Designs: Calligraphy Business Owner

Amanda is the maker behind the business "Amanda Houston Designs" based in Clovis, CA. She's dabbled in all things hand-lettering and calligraphy from painted Bibles and jackets to custom wedding invitations and decor. She's now reached a point where her designs are being licensed by companies like Minted and she recently launched her own online calligraphy course in December 2019.
Learn how to launch a profitable calligraphy business in 30 days AND:
  • A strategy for mapping out your “vision” and establishing short vs. long-term goals
  • How to analyze your competitors on Etsy
  • ​Don't undersell yourself! You'll learn important factors to consider when pricing your products right
  • ​The importance of a designated work space in your productivity and work/life balance
  • ​​A secret to engagement on social: GETTING PERSONAL!
  • How to choose which items to wholesale and product your profit margins
  • ​How to grow your local professional network from scratch

Mariana of Kaju Creations: 
Jewelry Making  Business Owner

Mariana Carneiro is the maker behind "Kaju Creations" based in Vancouver, Canada. She sells a gorgeous variety of lightweight and hypoallergenic, exclusively designed handmade jewelry. She has a passion to empower women to feel their best! Her shop was recently featured in The Etsy Edit, a publication featuring successful markers on Etsy.
Learn how to launch a profitable jewelry making business in 30 days AND:
  • Why it’s important to gather email addresses from your customers and how to promote signing up for your email list
  • Tips for planning ahead on your social platforms and how to keep your grid looking clean & stylized 
  • ​Too many clicks can cost you a sale! Why this handmade business owner recommends you set up a Shoppable Instagram and how to do it
  • How to strategically launch offering wholesale for your business with this simple form
  • ​​​There are a lot of ad platforms to choose from. Find out which platform this maker chose, why AND how!
  • ​​The in’s and outs of participating in and promoting a giveaway on Instagram (expect a boost in followers and sales! Just be sure to choose on-brand partners)

Katerina of Oh Wow Stitch: 
Embroidery  Business Owner

Ekaterina (Katerina) Youniacutt is the maker behind the business "Oh Wow Stitch" based in Los Angeles. She creates a variety of modern cross stitch patterns, kits and finished embroidery art that is available in her Etsy shop.
Learn how to launch a profitable embroidery business in 30 days AND: 
  • Not sure where to start with your logo design? Katerina shares 3 great resources with design, icons or designers you can utilize to bring your vision to life!
  • ​There are a LOT of fields to fill out when setting up your Etsy Shop! This maker walks your through which ones are worth filling out, and which ones are okay to skip
  • How to conduct competitive research on Etsy to optimize your own listings and quickly become a bestseller
  • If you sell a downloadable product, did you know you can still create photos for your listings even BEFORE you have inventory? She walks you through how to create mock-up photos that look just as good, if not better, than actual product photos!
  • ​​​​This Instagram hashtag hack can help you reach an INTERNATIONAL audience!
  • ​​​How to conduct competitive analysis on Instagram and boost your following!
  • ​Discover a tool most makers don’t utilize on Etsy (but should!) that can bring you sales with ridiculously little effort

Ingrid of Joe, June & Mae: 
Quilting  Business Owner

Ingrid Alteneder is the maker behind the business "Joe, June and Mae" based in Frankfurt, Germany. She started out as a fashion buyer and the CEO of her own fashion label. Along the way she also transformed her quilting hobby into a business and became a teacher and quilt block designer.
Learn how to launch a profitable quilting business in 30 days AND:
  • Why she decided NOT to go with an acronym for her business name
  • Etsy shop vs. business website? Or both! Learn the values of these different sales platforms from this successful business owner that manages both
  • ​How to utilize masterclasses to seriously level up your game for social media & SEO
  • ​How to use social media to connect with your audience and grow your business in an impactful way
  • ​​​​​How to model your social media presence after your “dream account”
  • ​​​​A secret hashtag which is an inexpensive way to boost exposure for your business and socials
  • ​Giveaways vs. collabs? Learn values of both and how to create relationships with appropriate makers to coordinate on these types of business-boosting partnerships!

Debbie of Tea Hill Cottage: 
Crochet  Business Owner

Debbie Meraz is the maker behind the business "Tea Hill Cottage" based in Oklahoma. Her love for all things crafty has been passed down for generations, and she’s continued passing it down to her own children and grandchildren. Debbie’s shop, currently hosted on Etsy, features hats, baby blankets, and custom lanyards among other handmade treasures she knits or sews herself (when she’s not busy full-time teaching).
Learn how to launch a profitable crochet business in 30 days AND: 
  • A helpful warning: check this one thing associated with your potential business name as it might have inadvertent cultural meanings
  • How to bargain hunt for product/packaging supplies
  • ​The value of hiring a designer that will optimize your assets for the varying dimensions on different platforms
  • How to generate strong keywords for your product listings using Etsy’s search bar and keyword tools tailored to Etsy
  • ​​​​​How to navigate Etsy’s relatively new “free shipping for orders over $35” offering

Kristin of Coffee Bean Knitting: 
Knitting  Business Owner

Kristin Follette is the maker behind the business "Coffee Bean Knitting" based in Boston, Massachusetts. As a little girl she would crochet sleeping bags for her Barbie’s, and years later she now has a shop on Etsy where she sells hand knit accessories for all ages, and has made 100’s of sales.
Learn how to launch a profitable knitting business in 30 days AND:
  • 5 things to consider when developing a mission statement for your business
  • Why creating a detailed target customer can have a BIG impact on your product line and ad campaigns
  • ​​A basic pricing formula that turns the TIME you spend producing your handmade product into a dollar amount 
  • ​How to find the best local market for your product—they’re not all a good fit!
  • How to navigate your first deal with a local shop/boutique—don’t risk selling yourself short!
  • What to pack for your first local market

Hannah & Sam of Coco’s Beads & Co: 
Jewelry Making  Business Owner

Hannah & Sam are the co-founding couple behind the custom bead jewelry business "Coco’s Beads & Co." based in Texas. What started as a Thanksgiving craft for Hannah’s younger sister Claire (Coco) has blossomed into $150K+ in revenue in less than a year. Hannah designs the bracelets, Sam owns the marketing, and these young entrepreneurs are taking the handmade business world by storm.
Learn how to launch a profitable jewelry making business in 30 days AND:
  • 3 things to consider when designing your first product line
  • ​How to quickly and organically grow your following on Instagram
  • ​​​A warning on packaging: don’t cheap out!
  • How to setup and kickstart your Facebook Ads account (they turned their initial $30 investment into $800 in sales!)
  • ​How to consistently generate buzz about your product lines on social media
  • ​​A quick & easy process to locate and reach out to influencers for product shoutouts
  • ​How to find & host your first pop-up store

Hayley of Loop by Loop Studio: 
Rug Hooking  Business Owner

Hayley Perry is the maker behind the business "Loop by Loop Studio" based in Rhode Island. After graduating with a degree in fine arts, she started dyeing and selling fabrics online, hooking rugs, making kits, and now that’s blossomed into her full-time career!
Learn how to launch a profitable rug hooking business in 30 days AND:
  • A free & easy advertising tool takes 2 minutes to setup and controls how you show up when Googled
  • ​A “drag & drop” design tool for professional-looking marketing materials
  • ​​​​​How to authentically introduce yourself and your business to your audience via blog posts and social media posts
  • ​How to teach classes on your craft and use it for marketing
  • ​How making YouTube videos for your business can actually make your job easier
  • ​A simple secret to repeat sales and long-term relationship with consumers: gratitude

Amber of Am Happy Soap: 
Soap Making  Business Owner

Amber (aka Am) is the maker behind the business "Am Happy Soap" based in Austin, Texas. She and her designer husband, Dave, are the dream team behind their beautiful site that’s currently hosted on CrateJoy. They sell monthly soap box subscriptions and solo soap gifts. Amber has also built a following of over 42K on Instagram producing engaging and educational soap content.
Learn how to launch a profitable soap making business in 30 days AND: 
  • Why SquareSpace could be a better fit for your business than Etsy
  • ​How to utilize a variety of different packaging/shipping services to reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • ​​​​How to let quality photography drive the organization of your product listings and categories
  • What content to share in your earliest business posts on social media
  • ​How to use your hobby as an opportunity to mentor aspiring makers
  • How and why to produce and shoot your first product video

Evan of Cypress DesignWorks: 
Woodworking  Business Owner

Evan and his wife Nicole are the makers behind the business "Cypress DesignWorks" based in Clover, South Carolina. Evan is the furniture designer, and Nicole paints and finishes their heirloom quality CUSTOM handmade pieces.
Learn how to launch a profitable woodworking business in 30 days AND:
  • The importance of increase your efficiency down the line by doing this one thing
  • ​​How to level up your professionalism with a business email address (and something to consider when choosing between a paid domain email or free Gmail account)
  • ​​​How to “hack” social media platforms to ensure your posts get continued engagement
  • For makers selling locally, here’s how to utilize organic ecommerce platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to drive sales (and ditch hosting/packaging fees)
  • ​​How to streamline communication during local sales with strong product listings and pricing
  • ​​Why the competitive mindset is so toxic! A recommendation for what to do instead to grow your business, your fanbase and your professional network
  • ​How to get into a rhythm of crating, organizing, editing, scheduling and then posting content to support your business
Part 1: Simple Sampler Knit Scarf
Part 2: Simple Multi-Stitch Hat
Part 3: Shawl
Instead of wondering how you can afford your hobby, imagine your hobby paying for itself!...
We often spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on our beloved crafting hobbies… and that's just the supplies!

If you've ever walked away from a craft shop cringing at the bill…
or said no to something you wanted because it was too expensive at the time…

Imagine how different it would be if your hobby could pay for itself, and then some.

You'd never have to worry about whether you could afford the supplies for that project you really want to create, the training to take your skills up a level, or all the extra odds and ends to make your projects truly stand out.
Instead, your creations could fund more of your creations… and even pay for your rent, groceries, holiday gifts and more!

It's a dream that's been made possible by many just like you.

And now, it's your turn…

Get Your "Earn Your First $100 Workshop" Off To A Flying Start With $438 In Incredible Bonuses

While the main training will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and action steps to start your business, these bonuses will help you hone your skills and grow your business into something that could support your livelihood!

Bonus 1: Instantly Get ALL Your Yarn & Craft Supplies At Least 50% Off (Value $297)

What if you could save 30-70% off ALL your yarn and craft supplies for the rest of your life? This bonus alone will more than pay for the entire investment in this course. We'll walk you step-by-step through the process of how to work with wholesale yarn and craft companies so you can start saving on your supplies.
  • These resources are our best kept secret to immediately getting 30-70% off all our yarn and craft supplies and we’ve put together our favorite websites AND wholesale suppliers so you can start saving today
  • Discover how to get your favorite yarn brands and craft supplies at 30-70% off every single time (this isn’t about sale yarn… it’s about consistently ordering all your supplies at a discount)
  • ​Try new luxury yarn at steep discounts that are not available to the general public... the big businesses try and hide this information and we’re making it available to you

Bonus 2: In Just 90 Minutes I'll Show You How To Make Sales TODAY With The Handmade Supplies You Already Have (Value $997)

In the 90 minute fast track workshop I'll walk you through the entire process of earning money today from your handmade hobby with the materials you have right now! At the end you'll have access to a complete system for earning income from your handmade items.
  • How to find a product that sells (this may even be a product you've already made and is laying around your house) and set up a simple product listing in five minutes flat
  • ​I’ll walk you through several crafting niches and showcase easy to make products that will sell
  • ​​Where to sell your items so your product is unique, appealing and almost guaranteed to sell, with virtually zero competition to worry about!

Bonus 3: The Ultimate Guide To Pricing Your Products Easily & Fairly So You Get Paid For Your Time, Supplies AND Earn A Profit (Value $397)

I know that this is something most people struggle with. How do you make sure you cover the cost of your materials, while also getting fairly compensated for your time?

Thankfully this doesn’t have to be hard either. Whether you just want to properly price an item your friend asked you to make, or you're selling hundreds of items a week, this formula will make sure that ALL your products sell.
  • How you can easily determine whether an item is worth making BEFORE you make it (hint: not all items can be crafted profitably so knowing this one tip will save you a ton of time, money and pain)
  • ​Why most craft pricing formulas are not only wrong but are actually dead harmful costing you precious time and money
  • ​​The correct and simple pricing formula you can use to make sure you make a good profit on every craft you create.
  • ​How to make sure you’re not only covering your time, but also your supplies, all while making a very healthy profit

Bonus 4: Discover Which Handmade Crochet And Craft Products To Make That People WANT To BUY And Will Actually Sell, No Matter Your Skill Level ($297 Value)

Two of the biggest questions I get time and time again is “How do I know which crochet, knit or craft projects I should make that actually sell?” AND “What if I’m not good enough in my crochet, knit or craft to make projects that sell?”. I've put together a training that will help give you the confidence to sell, no matter your experience!
  • The reason you don't need to be advanced in your crafts… or even intermediate, in fact 99% of handmade items that actually sell are beginner level projects.
  • ​​Why the best products to make AND sell are these simple little beginner skill level projects… no more worrying about whether you’re good enough.
  • ​If you can follow a simple pattern, trust me when I say you can make items that are MORE than good enough to be sold… in fact you may even have products laying around your home that are ready to sell right now.
  • ​How to easily find patterns and craft projects that you'll LOVE to make, that other people will also happily pay you for.

Bonus 1: Business Logistics 101: The Best Way To Set Up Your New Handmade Craft Business Without Getting Overwhelmed Or Confused ($219 Value)

Crochet, knitting and crafting is fun...and so should all aspects of setting up your business. 

That’s why I collaborated with THIS CPA and entrepreneur advisor on JUST the most important legal and accounting tidbits you want to know for your new handmade income. 

We kept it to the nuts and bolts so you only need to worry about focusing on the essentials, and spend more time on your craft and selling your handmade items.
  • Choosing a business name and how to easily file it with your state
  • ​​​Legitimize your business so you can rest easy and focus on the fun part of crafting and earning an income from your handmade hobby.
  • ​​​The best way to pay yourself to maximize your profits and legally minimize your taxes (plus a handful of items that you can actually deduct in your business...including your yarn!)
  • ​How to easily collect sales tax on all the items you’re selling so that when tax time comes around everything is simple and organized already
  • ​Which software can make it really easy and automate this process for you

Bonus 2: Handmade Business Holiday
Tips & Tricks ($219 Value)

Tried & true tips from handmade business owners on how to maximize your holiday season: 
  • ​​​Hayley from Loop by Loop Design shares a gift tactic that could result in a great return for last-minute shoppers.
  • ​Debbie from Tea Hill Cottage shares 2 quick (and IMPORTANT) updates to make in your Etsy shop during the holiday season
  • ​​Hannah & Sam from Coco’s Beads and Co share 3 easy tips for generating major sales for your business EVERY holiday in the year
  • ​​Ingrid from Joe, June & Mae shares how to plan your product, social media content and even shipping details months out for a successful holiday
  • ​​Amanda from Amanda Houston Design shares an organic and free avenue to promote & grow your business over the holidays — A collaborative blog post
  • ​Evan from Cypress DesignWorks shares how to create urgency with your customers to reduce the amount of last minute shoppers during the holiday season
  • ​​Katerina from Oh Wow Stitch shares how the holidays could be the best time to test a new product (when your customers are highly interested in buying!).
  • ​​Amber from AM Happy Soap shares a tip on participating in sales hosted by your sales platform
  • ​​Mariana from Kaju Creations shares a worthwhile reminder to make some time for yourself and your family during the holidays! Avoid new year burnout.
  • ​​Kristin from Coffee Bean Knitting shares pro tips on how to keep your product supplies, deliverables and stations organized during this busy time
  • ​​Colin from Murdy Creative Co shares how to avoid a BIG tax bill due to the holiday season 

Bonus 6: Turn One Time Buyers Into LOYAL Customers With Your Packaging! ($294 Value)

This workshop demystifies creating signature packaging for a variety of crafts to set the tone for your brand and make a LONG-LASTING impression that will turn one time customers into repeat buyers.

Whether you're a veteran seller or an unseasoned newbie, you'll love watching this training for guidance and encouragement.
  • You only need these few inexpensive supplies (that you likely already have) in order to come up with an endless number of possibilities to package your handmade crafts
  • ​​​Discover 21 places that are recommended to find the best packaging materials at the best price including for sellers located internationally
  • ​​​Simple, yet effective tutorials to help you get started creating your signature packaging
  • ​The little things that can make a big difference for your packaging, and how to choose which is best for your brand including wraps, tags, labels, filling, padding and more
  • ​Plus, the best places to find cost effective packaging!

PLUS FREE Lifetime Access To Our Private Knit & Crochet Membership Community
($297 Value FREE)

There's a BIG difference between watching a video online and trying to replicate it at home… and having access to real experts and like-minded knitters and crocheters to help you with all your questions. Instead of feeling left in the dark, get continued support for life💗
  • Get access to an expert instructor to ask all your questions and get help anytime you need it
  • ​Participate in online community like-minded crafters to inspire & encourage each other
  • ​Have a safe space to share your work and provide some much-needed socialization
Here's What Other Crocheters & Knitters 
Have To Say About Our Past Classes:
  • You love your crafting hobby and want to make a little income on the side
  • You've always wanted to sell your creations and spread joy to your recipients
  • You want to scale your hobby business to make thousands per month
About Crafts On Air
Fun Crochet Classes, Patterns & Events At Fair Prices
Hi I'm Brittany, the founder of Crafts On Air :) 

In 2020 around the world, we were all stuck at home. I was feeling a little lost and very much isolated. I knew my crochet and knit community was too. One morning, determined to do something to help provide a little bit of light in an otherwise challenging time, I decided to host an event. 

I made several of our Crochet & Knit classes available for free. Crafters were able to attend online from anywhere in the world, watch professionally filmed video classes and follow along and create beautiful projects from lovely patterns. 

I know for so many members of our community that these events were something they looked forward to as a way to connect with other crafters, feel inspired and learn new skills. 

This became the first of many Crafts On Air Events. 

Now a days our focus is simple. Create world class crochet and knit online video classes and patterns. We make all our classes very easy to follow along and most importantly...have fun. 

And it's not JUST about the class, it's also about the community and connecting with other like-minded crafters. When you sign up for a Crafts On Air class you're also getting access to a wonderful community of crafters. You can share pictures of your projects, browse inspiration from other people or ask our instructors any questions you might have. 
We also want to make sure our pricing is simple and fair. 

Our classes are $37. 

This gives you lifetime access to all the videos and patterns in the class you enroll in. Plus tons of great bonuses too. 
You'll only ever get charged once and have access to a library of really great resources :) 

Beyond that we also want to make sure that you're confident in your decision which is also why for all our classes we give you the option to try it for free for a full 2 days (no credit card required). 
Try The Class FREE For 2 Days
You can sign up to attend a broadcast of the videos and patterns and check it out for a full 48 hours to make sure it's right for you. No need to enter any credit card information. Simply enter your email, and you'll be directed to a page where you can watch ALL the videos and patterns.

I REALLY stand behind the classes and patterns we put together. I LOVE making special experiences for you. And I'm also always connecting with my community to see how we can make the classes and patterns better and better. 

If you've never tried a class from us before, give it a try. I think you're really going to love it. It's a great way to learn new skills and have fun in the process. 

And if you have tried a class from us before, welcome back :)

There are two great ways you can get enrolled. If you're feeling excited to dive right into the class and have unlimited access to all the videos, patterns and plenty of bonuses you can get enrolled right now. 

Or if you're not sure if this is right for you and you want to attend a free broadcast of the classes and patterns for 2 days you can do that too. 

We want you to go with whatever feels right for you and we REALLY look forward to having you experience one of our classes. 
We Guarantee You'll Love It!
"You'll Earn at least $100 With Your Handmade Hobby in the Next 30 Days... I Guarantee It, Or Your Money Back” 
By following this roadmap, you'll have created your very own handmade business and earned your first $100. But if for any reason you're not happy…

Send us an email at info@craftsonair.com within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you back every penny, no sweat. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your handmade business!

Either you're making progress in your crafting journey or you pay nothing—so it's a win-win for you!

It's time you got paid for your beautiful creations.

As crafters, we love to be generous and gift our creations to our friends, family and people in need.

But there are also those out there who would LOVE to pay you for your hard work,
and in turn support your generous actions!

No matter your skill level or experience, you can start a successful
little handmade business and earn an income from your crafts today.
It's never been a better time to start your business than now.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

“I can’t afford a crochet workshop right now…”

Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s your time — It’s all valuable! I completely understand.

That’s why I’m sharing this workshop for 40% OFF if you sign-up TODAY!

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  Simple Little Handmade Income: Earn Your First $100 Course
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  Lifetime Access to a Community of Crocheters in a
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  Bonus 1: Business Logistics 101
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  Bonus 2: Handmade Business Holiday Tips 
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  Simple Little Handmade Income: Earn Your First $100 Course ($2241.00 Value FREE)

  Recordings of the Workshop to Rewatch, Pause & Rewind ($97.00 Value FREE)

  Access to Experts ($97.00 Value FREE)

  Lifetime Access to a Community of Crocheters in a Private Member’s Area
($297.00 Value FREE)

  Bonus 1: Get all your yarn and craft supplies at least 50% OFF ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus 2:  Fast Start Workshop: Start Making Sales Today ($997.00 Value)

  Bonus 3: Ultimate Guide To Pricing Your Products 
($397.00 Value)

  Bonus 4: Discover Salable Handmade Crochet And Craft ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus 5: Business Logistics ($297.00 Value)

  Bonus 6: Turn One-Time Buyers to Loyal Customers ($294.00 Value)

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Add The Jumpstart Your Handmade Business Class To My Order: Save 50% On The Jumpstart Your Handmade Business class. Finally stop feeling overwhelmed and get the clarity you need to map out your plan for success. Jumpstart your handmade business was created to help you figure out what your maker business personality type is, clarify your goals, support and map out the path you choose for your business and learn to say no to what you don’t need. You’ll gain confidence, clarity and control in your path from point A, where you are now, to point B where you want to be. Save 50% and add to your order for just $37 now.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

       What if I'm not very business-inclined?

    Let me ask you this… is anyone 'business-inclined' when they start out? Nope. Business is a new area for most people when they get started (including our expert crafters we interviewed) and its going to feel scary because it's new. You don't know if you're 'good at business' until you've given it a real go.

    And even if you discover that you aren't, this training boils it down to the simplest aspects and takes each 15-30min step day by day so you're not overwhelmed. You can even take it slower than 30 days if you'd like! It's definitely not as complicated as you think.

       Do I need to have any crafting experience?

    All you need is enough to produce a product to sell! You don't need 10+ years of expertise in your crafting niche or to be the best of the best. You can absolutely do this as a beginner crafter… everyone starts somewhere ;)

       What if I already have a crafty business?

    That's great! However, chances are if you're still looking to scale, earn more and put solid business practices in place… you probably got started on your own. This training will help you fill in any of the essential gaps you might have missed and teach you principles for retaining your customers, having a broader reach and more so you can turn your small business into one that truly supports you.

       How do I access the training?

    You'll receive an email with your login details after purchase to access your trainings. They're available to you online, for life, so you can watch them from the comfort of your home any time you'd like!

       What if I don't like the training?

    We do our best to ensure Crafts On Air produces only the most professional, helpful and visually appealing content for you to consume easily at your leisure. We even offer you the opportunity to continue learning from our experts inside the community if you have any further questions. 

    However, if for any reason you're not happy with the training, simply email us at info@craftsonair.com up to 30 days after your purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

    Have Questions? Need Help? Email us at info@craftsonair.com
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