Dream of making cool complicated looking crochet projects like toy animals?

There's one simple secret  that will make these super easy…

Learn How To Crochet Anything With Hexagons Practically 
ANY Shape, Toy, Or Accessory You Can Dream Of
Get Lifetime Access To The Patterns & Video Tutorials PLUS $1050+ In Bonuses 

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Master the Art of Crocheting ANYTHING with Hexagons.

Crocheting just got a  whole  lot more fun.

It's time to move past rectangles, squares, and your basic stitches, 
beyond your blankets, scarves, and tea towels… 

...and into a whole new world of crochet possibilities.

Imagine if you could crochet anything like...
  • Stuffed Elephants
  • Cuddly Hoodies
  • Cute Seat Covers
Because you absolutely can!
Using one simple repeating shape,
you'll be able to create just about anything you can imagine.

This is the next step in your crochet journey.

Hexagons and pentagons 
(only slightly more complicated than rectangles and squares)
are the 'next' step up. 

This motif is a fantastic tool to crochet and construct
countless different shapes because of the way they join together.
And a great thing about them is you can crochet hexagons 
on-the-go as a mindless, repetitive activity, so you can relax while you're 
watching TV and still make progress on your pieces.
With the beautiful options, 
you can do such as create flowers and change colors inside each hexagon.
You'll be able to produce polished, professional projects that are sure to impress.
When you can crochet with hexagons, you can crochet anything.
Let us show you how!

Get The Crochet Anything With Hexagons Pattern Bundle & Video Tutorials

Lifetime Access to the Crochet Anything With Hexagons Masterclass ($97 value)

Lifetime Access to the Crochet Anything With Hexagons Pattern Bundle & Video Tutorials ($97 value)

Part 1: Creating An Owl With Hexagons

This incredible pattern and video tutorial will show you how to turn simple hexagons and pentagons into literally any pattern! We'll focus on three cute animal types to show you that you can do incredible things but still keep it simple. 

You'll learn:
  • Patterns Made Simple: Confused about how to read patterns? We'll show you what every abbreviation means so you'll never get lost.
  • ​Hoot Hoot With Hexagons: This gorgeous owl is a very simple, yet recognizable shape that's great to start with and build off of!
  • ​Creating Hexagons: Learn how to create a professional and polished hexagon African Flower motif. We will also review the importance of choosing hook size when making these.
  • Join As You Go: What is join as you go, and why to use it? We will demonstrate join as you go in the assembly of this project.
Plus the primary pattern downloads to refer back to at any time!

Lifetime Access to the Crochet Anything With Hexagons Pattern Bundle & Video Tutorials ($97 value)

Part 2: Creating A Rooster With Hexagons

In the second part of the training we'll continue to show you how you can crochet ANYTHING with hexagons by applying the lessons to a ROOSTER project. You'll Learn: 
  • ​When The Rooster Crows: Who doesn't love chickens? With a few extra embellishments, you can change a blob into an adorable barnyard animal.
  • ​Pentagons: Learn how to create a professional and polished pentagon African Flower motif. We will also review the importance of choosing hook size when making these.
  • Creating Straight Edges: Review how to ensure you have a straight edge on your African Flower. We will address tension issues and what to do to ensure a clean, polished square. You will learn about gauge and going up/down a hook size.
  • Let's Talk Yarn: What is the best yarn to make an African Flower animal? Which yarn has the best structure for a stuffed animal? We will discuss pros and cons of different types of yarn. 
  • Shaping and Forming: We will start seaming the owl & rooster together and will demonstrate how to lay out the pentagons/hexagons to understand the overall construction. Finally we will demonstrate assembly.
Plus the primary pattern downloads to refer back to at any time!

Lifetime Access to the Crochet Anything With Hexagons Pattern Bundle & Video Tutorials ($97 value)

Part 3: Creating A Cat With Hexagons & Learning How To Create Other Projects

In part 3 of the training you'll learn how to turn hexagons into a cat. Plus we'll also talk about all the different types of projects you can make with a simple hexagon. 
  • A Foray Into The Four-Legged: Time to get more complicated with the cat pattern… it's one thing to make a solid shape and another to crochet arms, legs, tails, you name it!
  • ​How To Expand Into Anything: The basis of this training is to get you confident with hexagons, but we're not going to leave it there! You'll learn how to take what you've learned and expand it into any pattern you can think of.
  • Finishing Tips: We'll review some tips for creating a polished finish. Stuffing tips for a smooth yet firm result so that the stuffing doesn't show through eyelets. Finally finishing it all off.
  • ​Common Mistakes and How to Avoid/Fix Them: Common construction and stuffing mistakes and how to avoid / fix them 
  • ​Creating Other Animals: Learn about some of the other amazing possibilities for other project you can make using the African Flower Motif. We will talk through the general idea of taking the simple African Flower motif to make anything you can imagine and show you some amazing examples from other designers. 
Plus the primary pattern downloads to refer back to at any time!
Imagine how proud you'll be to have a whole closet full of items YOU crocheted… using only hexagons.

When your friends and family ask  you to show them what you've been 
crocheting lately... your projects won't disappoint!
Instead of the same common blankets or half-finished 
(maybe frogged) pieces that were too difficult, 

you'll be able to 
showcase a wide variety of works.

Think of how all the kids in your life would love their very own handmade toys!

Having such breadth in your body of work will definitely increase your confidence and spur your motivation, giving you the oomph you need to keep on creating.

All this without really increasing the difficulty at all,
yet still building on your skills and experience to help you grow as a crocheter.
We're not stopping there either…

Crochet Even MORE With Hexagons
And Get  $1055 In Incredible Bonuses

While the main patterns and video tutorials will equip you with everything you need to crochet beautiful pieces using hexagons, these bonuses will help you hone your skills, give you more possibilities to create and ultimately support your crochet journey!

Bonus 1: 4 More Patterns To Create Anything With Hexagons & Pentagons ($67 Value)

Woohoo, who doesn't love more patterns? 

These beautiful pieces are also made with only hexagons and pentagons, your new crochet staple 😉

Here's the awesome things you can make:

Hexagon Blanket

Create this simply beautiful tote with interlocking hexagons and trapezoids and seamless straps. This perfect on-the-go project creates a bag you can use for anything and everything. From carrying your fresh produce at the farmer’s market to supplies for a day at the beach, you will absolutely adore this tote!

Hexagon Cardigan

A cardigan is a wardrobe essential. Learn to create your very own soft, casual cardigan that you will be proud to show off! Perfect for chilly evenings in the spring or fall, it pairs well with jeans or a dress. You will love showing off this gorgeous piece every time you wear it!

Starburst Hexagon Blanket

Brighten up your home with this eye-catching blanket! It’s the perfect addition to throw over the back of a chair, add on top of a bedspread, or, best of all, cozy up under on a chilly day. Its soft and chunky design is classic and ready for your favorite color palette.

Hexagon Tote

You won’t believe how simple it is to make this gorgeous, intricate blanket! Using only hexagon blocks, you can take this project along with you anywhere you go to create a piece you will be excited to display in your home! And who doesn’t love fringe poms for an added touch of flair?

Bonus 2: A Database Of Our Favorite Designer Patterns With Hexagons ($197 Value)

Want more hexagonal design inspiration? Look no further! 

We've curated a list of our fave crochet designer patterns to give you an instant creative boost to explore more projects. 

Now you can take your newfound skills, put them to the test and make different types of blankets, apparel, cute items to adorn your home, accessories, and gifts! 

Bonus 3: How To Make The Perfect, Mistake Free Hexagon Workshop + 3 Different Hexagon Patterns ($247 Value)

Don't know how to make consistent hexagons yet? No problem! 

We'll walk you through how to get started easily, picking color combos for each shape and how to keep those nifty edges straight. You'll learn exactly where to insert your hook to ensure you'll never skip a stitch and have perfect corners.

Plus, you'll also learn three different types of hexagon customizations to give your style variety! Using these simple color and style customizations will transform your pieces into something truly unique and fun.

Bonus 4: All The Things You Can Make With Hexagons - A Deep Dive Workshop ($247 Value)

You've only just discovered the tip of the iceberg, there's soo much more you can explore in the world of crochet hexagons!

Our expert instructor will give you a deep dive introduction into all the possibilities you can make. By simply making easy folds and seams, you can turn hexagons into an incredible variety of projects such as bags, stockings, blankets, cardigans, and more.

PLUS FREE Lifetime Access To Our Private Knit & Crochet Membership Community ($297 value)

There's a BIG difference between watching a video online and trying to replicate it at home… and having access to real experts and like-minded knitters and crocheters to help you with all your questions. Instead of feeling left in the dark, get continued support for life💗
  • Get access to an expert instructor to ask all your questions and get help anytime you need it
  • ​Participate in online community like-minded crafters to inspire & encourage each other
  • ​Have a safe space to share your work and provide some much-needed socialization
Here's What Other Crocheters & Knitters 
Have To Say About Our Past Classes:
  • You're on the go all the time and want portable projects to work on.
  • You're  struggling  to find crochet projects that are useful but aren't too complicated.
  • You're a beginner crocheter who wants to go beyond blankets.
We Guarantee You'll Love It!
"You'll Master the Art of Crocheting ANYTHING with Hexagons...I Guarantee It, Or Your Money Back” 
If you're not a confident crocheter by the end of these workshops if you haven't learned any new skills or created a project with hexagons…

Send us an email at info@craftsonair.com within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you back every penny, no sweat. We want to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your crochet transformation!

Either you're making progress in your crochet journey or you pay nothing—so it's a win-win for you!
Open Your Doors To A World Of Possibilities And Crochet Anything With Hexagons

Hexagons are about to become your go-to crocheting staple.

Easy to make. Easy to construct. Easy to turn into a variety of amazing projects
 And super easy to take on-the-go.

Just like rectangles, hexagons are a powerful tool in your crocheting arsenal
that allows you to create patterns for complex projects like toy animals, wearables, and more.

Once you master this shape, you'll have taken the next big step in your 
journey to  improve and grow more confident  in your skills. 

This is definitely not a skill you want to miss!
Let's get started!
Get The Pattern & Video Tutorial Bundle Here  Today & SAVE 90+% OFF!! 
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Here's a Recap of What You'll Get:

  • Crochet Anything With Hexagons Pattern & Video Tutorial Bundle ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS 1: 4x Patterns To Create Anything With Hexagons & Pentagons ($67 Value)
  • BONUS 2: A Database Of Our Favorite Designer Patterns With Hexagons ($197 Value)
  • BONUS 3: How To Make The Perfect, Mistake Free Hexagon Workshop + 3 Different Hexagon Patterns ($247 Value)
  • BONUS 4: All The Things You Can Make With Hexagons - A Deep Dive Workshop ($247 Value)
  • ​Private Knit & Crochet Membership Community ($297 Value)

Total Value = $1055

Today’s Price = $37!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Frequently Asked Questions

       What materials and equipment do I need?

    For the three patterns in our main training, you'll need to gather the items below (you likely have these in your equipment!) and some embellishments are optional. The equipment list will be provided for each of the additional patterns, but you can feel free to swap bits and pieces out to make it your own!

    Here are some supplies that you will need for the African Flower Animal Summit so you can prepare ahead of time:

    Yarn: DK weight yarn: 45yds color A, 15 yds color B, 300 yds color C, 105 yds color D, 75 yds white (or color of choice), 240 yds color E, Black yarn for embroidery
    Hooks: G/6/4mm crochet hook AND D/3/3.25mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    Notions: Polyester or cotton filling, Yarn needle, Stitch markers (optional)

    Yarn: DK weight yarn: 475 yds color A, 290 yds color B, 125 yds color C, 135 yds color D, 25 yds color E, Black yarn for embroidery
    Hooks: D/3/3.25mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    Tools: Polyester or cotton filling, Yarn needle, Stitch markers (optional)

    Yarn: DK weight yarn: 100 yds color A, 525 yds color B, 225 yds color C, 620 yds color D, 220 yds white(or color of choice), 415 yds brown(or color of choice), Black yarn for embroidery
    Hooks: B/1/2.25mm crochet hook AND D/3/3.25mm crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
    Notions: Polyester or cotton filling, Yarn needle, Stitch markers (optional)

       Do I need to have any crochet experience?

    Yes. You should be able to already crochet the basic stitches and shapes like rectangles. This is the next step up where we'll go into the slightly more complex shapes of hexagons and pentagons

       Am I too advanced for this?

    Not at all! These are a ton of fun little projects that you can take with you on-the-go without needing to lug around your entire equipment bag. If you don't know how to turn hexagons into all of these items, this is absolutely a skill you'll want in your arsenal! You'll be able to speed through them (which is especially useful if you want to sell your creations) and they'll still look just as good as if you did it the hard way.

       How do I access the training?

    You'll receive an email with your login details after purchase to access your trainings. They're available to you online, for life, so you can watch them from the comfort of your home any time you'd like!

       What if I don't like the training?

    We do our best to ensure Crafts On Air produces only the most professional, helpful, and visually appealing content for you to consume easily at your leisure. We even offer you the opportunity to continue learning from our experts inside the community if you have any further questions.  

    However, if for any reason you're not happy with the training, simply email us at info@craftsonair.com up to 30 days after your purchase and we'll give you a full refund.

    Have Questions? Need Help? Email us at info@craftsonair.com
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