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Crocheters: Looking For Your Next Portable Project?

Can You Crochet ANYTHING Using Only Simple Rectangles
Yes, You Can!
Get Your Crochet Anything With Rectangles
Workshop Experience For 2 Full Days

Crocheters: Looking For Your Next Portable Project?

Can You Crochet ANYTHING Using Only 
Simple Rectangles?
Yes, You Can!
Why Do You NEED This Summit?
Rectangles are pretty much the first shape everyone learns. 

They're basic, straightforward lines that help you practice just getting
the hang of your crochet hook.

So what happens when you want to move beyond that?
Well, it's not as easy
But of course, you want to be able to create a variety of other cool projects 
that aren't blankets or scarves…

That's why we're going to show you how to crochet
anything with rectangles.

We're going to take the simple shape you already have down pat 
and turn it into useful, practical, and beautifully professional items 
that will make you confident to call yourself a crocheter.
  • Want a beanie or a cardigan for your kids or grandkids?
  • A pair of slippers to keep your toes warm?
  • Maybe you need a crocheted tote bag to keep your equipment in!

You can do all this and more with rectangles.

During this two day workshop, you'll learn :
  • Master The Basics: How to make stitch-perfect, consistent, proportional rectangles with polished rows, no matter the stretchiness of the yarn
  • ​Perfect The Pom Pom: Create a warm, pom pom finished cable hat (with an alternative version to go with messy buns), even if you've never properly seamed before
  • ​​Two Of A Kind: Ever tried to tackle making two of the same thing without it coming out weird looking? With these slippers, we'll show you how to construct both with ease to complete a polished set!
  • ​​You Can Handle This: You can get any old tote bag cheap at the supermarket… but what about a lovingly crocheted, unique handcrafted one? From the seaming to the handles, you'll have this project finished in a flash
  • ​​Shrug On Your Cardigan: You'll be proud when you master this rectangle-only over-the-shoulder cardigan, complete with color changing and cuff techniques (plus, you'll be extra stylish)
And the best part? Rectangles are super portable so you can crochet on the go!
Forget lugging all your equipment with you
(or not even bothering in the first place because it's too much of a hassle) 
and simply take your crochet hook and a ball of yarn.

You can crochet as many rectangles as you can carry and assemble at home!

This is the perfect technique for fun, portable projects that look way more complex than
they actually are.


Thank you so much, that was many hints and tips. always something to learn..
- Gail


Thanks! Enjoyed learning some new techniques.
- Susan R. Malcolm


Thank you for the tutorial, it is much appreciated. I hope you will do more of these with other projects!
- Lexi

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Frequently Asked Questions

   Where does this summit take place?

The Crochet Anything With Rectangles Summit happens ONLINE, so you can watch it all from the comfort of your home. 

   How is this summit different?

Our team is made up of passionate & professional crocheters with a variety of different backgrounds & styles. We put our heads together to deliver the most beautiful & diverse arrangement of stitches available. Not only that, but the video classes for each stitch allow you to transform your crochet dreams into reality.  

   How long will the videos be available?

You have 2 full days to watch the videos for free! **If you want access to the videos for longer, you'll have to upgrade your free pass. You’ll have the option to do that on the next page, after you claim your free ticket. 

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